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Dressing for summer family photos? Some may say it’s an easy task. Really, what can be so hard about it? Dress your family up in their Sunday-best and smile for the camera! Well, more often than not I find myself discussing wardrobe options and colour schemes in my pre-session check-ins. There is a definitely a challenge in creating a great visual and so many influences through Pinterest too!

Summer Family Photos in Oakville

Summer Family Photos

Who will be the person in-charge for dressing you in your Summer Family Photos?

Summer Family Photos at Gairloch Gardens

The task often falls into the hands of the mothers or spouses. They start with a vision of what they want the final result to be. Want family photos that are casual and candid? Or perhaps looking for the more formally dressed for grandma’s gallery wall? While working with some super-duper moms (and living with my wife!), I have observed and noted some of their fabulous ideas so that I can share their success to assist with my past, current and future clients. I have broken it down into 3 easy sections for you.

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Summer Family Photos at Chinguacousy Park

1.) Colours and matching schemes

Summer Family Photos in Guelph

I am in awe of how the mothers and spouses seem to have a sense for colours and organizing them! From experience, I have seen some really great combinations that just click together int he images. Pinterest seems to be full of great summer family photos where all of the members are in the same colour or exact pattern. While this makes for same great photos, I more a fan of wearing the same colour palette or using complimentary colours too. It makes a cohesive look while your are still able to compliment each individual complexion and personality better.

Photographer for Summer Family Photos

Another must is knowing the location where the photos will be taken. It is important to ensure you do not choose that are not in that environment. Otherwise, you will blend into the background and the family photos will be not impactful. Make sure to choose colours for each person to fit their individual tastes. It will not get you very far if you simply say, “This is what you are going to wear.” Giving options of two colours or styles to your kids and husbands can usually can do the trick!

Garden Summer Family Photos

2.) Thickness of your outfit

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When planning for what type of clothing to wear, keep in mind the time of day and location of your session. If you are midday in the open sun, you will want to choose light-weight fabrics and breathable materials. If you are in the forest in the early morning, or perhaps an evening session by the lake, you may be able to get away with heavier material or some layered options. Certainly, too many layers or thick materials in the summer sun can make everyone uncomfortable and cranky.

Summer Family Photos in Toronto

There is also the possibility of wet spots from the sweat. Definitely, light shirts are better than darker. Darker colours are prone to show wet spots easier, so ensure that the material is breathable and comfortable as possible. Suggestion: Have a couple spare shirts, pants and pair of shoes for everyone. Things can happen while outside with your family (especially when everyone is trying hard for things NOT to happen!) You don’t want to loose your mind when everyone is having good time over one grass mark or ice cream spot. Preparation is key!

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3.) Accessories to help you dress for your summer family photos

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Accessories are a great way to add some individual fun to your photos! The beginning of the session is usually reserved for the more wholesome family photos. However, with those out of the way, towards the end of the session the creativity and energy build up and there is room for some outside the box photos. The possibilities are endless: umbrellas, sunglasses, picnic blanket, water guns, swimming gear if we are by the lake, balls, rackets, etc, etc. Having these items available will help refocus the attention and bring play and fun back into the session. As a result, you receive unposed images that showcase the day of your life. If you go out after the session again you can always use the spare clothes you brought after reading suggestion #2 above!

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Summer Family Photos at Kelso Conservation Area

There are many places where you can find ideas for what and how to dress your family for this summer’s photos. However, you have to remember that having fun while you are wearing your best outfit with your loving family should be a pleasure not a chore. Your investment in those family photos is something your children, family and at the end YOU will cherish for years to come.

Summer Family Photos at Gage Park

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