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As a photographer, one of my favourite categories of portraits to shoot is of children.  A single photo when captured in the right circumstances can replicate a snapshot of your child’s personality that will be frozen forever.  As a father, I know that days turn into weeks, which turn into years, and in our fast paced society, we are often too busy to stop and take the time to appreciate how much our most precious cargo is growing up before our eyes.  

I specialize in capturing what makes your child tick, and a raw image showcasing their soul vs a posed, studio set up where the child isn’t going to feel as free and comfortable.  

Upon consultation, we can determine where you think the best place would be to allow your child to feel their most comfortable, be it in an open space with plenty of running room, the family home, or at the cottage. When a child feels uninhibited and relaxed, great photos will follow so their comfort level is paramount.  

The challenge of unknown variables keeps it fresh, unique, and reflective of real life. When it comes to capturing a child’s spirit on camera, some of my best results are when they are playing in a familiar environment or exploring the unknown, thus being allowed to be children, rather than the traditional in-house static compositions. As a father and husband, I understand the challenges and temperaments of young children, so rest assured, I will work with you to make them feel safe and comfortable. Investments start at $175.