Newborn lifestyle session incorporating the family Harley Davidson | Maple, ON

When it comes to photographing a newborn lifestyle session, I get a little excited. Especially when I have already documented one of this young family’s before. Newborn lifestyle sessions are my preference. With these, my clients don’t have preconceived, Pinterest-inspired images to recreate. While feedback from the family is a must, lifestyle sessions allow me

Smiles radiated as this family documented their grown up selves in these Gairloch Gardens photos | Oakville, ON

Having the opportunity to document the transition of young adults as they find their way in the world is an honour. Family portrait sessions aren’t restricted to younger children. Sonia’s family discovered exactly this during their Gairloch Gardens photos. Sonia approached me wanting to organize something special for her parents. In reflection, she and her

Dressing for summer family photos | Guelph, ON

Dressing for summer family photos? Some may say it’s an easy task. Really, what can be so hard about it? Dress your family up in their Sunday-best and smile for the camera! Well, more often than not I find myself discussing wardrobe options and colour schemes in my pre-session check-ins. There is a definitely a