Preserving family memories in these Cambridge maternity photos

Jessica and Anthony’s Cambridge maternity photos were a special treat for me. Even though my portfolio doesn’t usually include maternity photo shoots, it is a moment I do not hesitate to be a part of with my past wedding couples. For them, I see it as continuing to document their next chapters.

Cambridge maternity photos

Cambridge Mill maternity photos

Cambridge maternity photo

Mill Race Park maternity photos

Having been a part of their lives from the start of their journey, I have had the pleasure of documenting their engagement photos, wedding photos, maternity photos and newborn photos. Once their daughter is up and running around, we plan to shoot their first family photo session. History with my couples mean we are not only relaxed and they are familiar with my style, but, more importantly, I know what they want out of the shoot and what will get the best performance out of them.

Maternity photo in Cambridge

Mill Race Park maternity photo

Maternity photos at Mill Race Park in Cambridge

Maternity photos at Mill Race Park

Maternity photography at Mill Race Park in Cambridge

Finding the perfect balance between fashion and warmth in these Cambridge maternity photos

Jessica and Anthony had just purchased their first house. However, due to their renovations, we decided to make the most of their proximity to Cambridge Mill. We started at the local Mill Race Park, just opposite the mill. The upscale premises set on the edge of the Grand River offered lots of variety to showcase their ultrasound photo, the gender reveal and the little baby shoes. Rustic 19th century, industrial stone buildings offer texture and interesting shapes for the background of the shots.

Maternity photography in Cambridge

Mill Race Park Maternity photography

Mill Race Park Maternity photography in Cambridge

Outdoor Maternity photos in Cambridge

Creative Maternity photos in Cambridge

The grey and beige based tones provide a neutral option that works well against any colour scheme. Ultimately, it was a blank canvas for my couple. It was early Spring which meant there was still some snow on the ground. Jessica and Anthony needed attire that would allow them to stay warmer but without the need for bulky layers. They opted for a cream, brown and black colour scheme which complemented the backdrops nicely. She looked radiant in a beautiful flowy dress that accentuated her gorgeous baby bump. On the other hand, he balanced warmth with fashion in a cardigan worn over a dress shirt.

Creative gender reveal photos in Cambridge

Winter maternity photos in Cambridge

Winter maternity photos at Mill Race Park

Winter maternity photos at Cambridge Mill

Maternity pictures at Cambridge Mill in winter

Providing memories for their child to be in these Cambridge maternity photos

Luckily we were able to gain access to the inside of the chapel at Cambridge Mill. We incorporated a simple ‘reserved’ sign that we sat atop an empty chair between them to signify the arrival of their daughter.

Maternity photos in Cambridge

Winter maternity pictures at Cambridge Mill

Couple pictures at Cambridge Mill in winter

We wrapped up our photo session with some images just outside Cambridge Mill chapel in which you could see their house on the horizon. Although their Cambridge maternity photos didn’t take very long to capture, we covered all of the important moments that we wanted to feature and in a setting that was close to their heart. Being able to photograph this session in this meaningful location means that even when they move onto their next home as their family or needs grow, they will always have a great set of memories of where their journey began to show off to their daughter once she’s grown up.

Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2020 DA Photography
Photography Location: Mill Race Park, Cambridge, ON
2nd Photo Location: Cambridge Mill, Cambridge, ON
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