How this stunning bride stayed cool, calm and collected for her Old Mill wedding | Toronto, ON

I originally crossed paths with Debralee and Justin at one of the Toronto wedding shows. A couple of meetings later, we sealed the deal for me to be the official photographer for their Old Mill wedding. Being a teacher, Debralee was meticulously organized. I knew she had high expectations and as my motto is to under promise and over deliver, I knew we were a great match!

Old Mill Wedding

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Bride and Groom at Old Mill

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To help lessen the load and keep the day running smoothly, my couple had hired a wedding co-ordinator, Nadine from 818 Events to keep everyone on track. I think as Debralee had put so much effort into organizing every little detail, being able to off load the responsibilities to someone else for the big day was a smart idea. Having someone else in charge of delegating meant she was able to relax and enjoy her day without any stresses.

Toronto Wedding Photographer

Toronto Wedding Photos

Toronto Wedding Photography

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Toronto Wedding Photographs

Toronto Wedding Pictures

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We began their day at their Toronto apartment. The glass and abundance of light meant it was a double-edged sword to work in. We got a bit creative as we had only one room to work in. Also, the glass meant I had to watch out for reflections. I made sure to incorporate the fun, bright and playful decor they used in their set-ups. As Debralee got ready, I captured all of the little unique details such as her shoes and coffee mug. In addition, the flower girls signs and the little toy figures together were a whimsical way to represent the two of them. I loved doing the flat lay so you could see multiple details in one shot. Meanwhile, Justin and the boys got themselves ready in the on-site party room. Jacquie, my second photographer for the day, captured similar details as Justin began his preparations.

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The idiom, many hands make light work was particularly apt for this Old Mill wedding

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Best Wedding Photographer in Toronto

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The beauty of their church was that it was within walking distance of their apartment. Therefore, we didn’t loose any time in transit. Typically I recommend a second photographer for weddings to allow for a more varied selection of vantage points and coverage. However, in this particular case, we had a third for the church portion. The sheer size and structure meant that in order to get sufficient coverage, I would need an assistant. Luckily we had a very relaxed priest who was happy to allow us the room to document the ceremony.

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Toronto Church Wedding

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I positioned myself at the alter, Jacquie headed to the back of the church with Debralee, while Danielle positioned herself on the second level to provide the wider angled coverage. There were so many stunning details to showcase. Having the extra photographers allowed me the luxury of being able to purely focus on a photojournalistic style.

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Wedding Ceremony at Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Toronto

Wedding Ceremonies at Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Toronto

Wedding Ceremonies at Our Lady of Lourdes Church

Bride and Groom in Toronto Church

Once we had covered everything we needed to at the church, the wedding party headed over to the Old Mill for their photo session. Thankfully, the weather was sunny yet crisp. I tried to keep my party moving between the courtyard to the gardens so they kept warm and in good spirits. Both areas feel so remote and offer such contrasting backdrops.

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The reception was kicked off in style with a live vocal performance and dance act that signaled to the guests that they were in for a night of fun. I always recommend a documentary coverage for these special moments of the reception. They tend to capture the raw emotion from the speeches and first dances.

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Wedding Reception at Old Mill

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See why a third photographer was needed for this Old Mill wedding

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Wedding at Old Mill in Toronto

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Best Wedding Venues in Toronto

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In true Dragi’s style, I snuck Debralee and Justin outside for their signature Old Mill wedding nighttime shots. I decided to make the most of my additional photographers to assist in lighting to allow for an area I don’t usually use. The vastness of the surroundings as I highlighted their silhouettes in the night sky offered a reality check as they absorbed all that had happened that day.

Old Mill Wedding Photographer

Old Mill Wedding Photographers

Wedding Photographer for Old Mill

Debralee and Justin’s wedding seemed to fly by. I put that down to the seamless work of the wedding coordinator who kept everyone on a timeline. The fact that weight had been taken off their shoulders, allowing them to enjoy their company, meant they were relaxed, care free and ready to party.

Old Mill Wedding in Toronto

Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2019 DA Photography
2nd Photographer: Jacquie Dudley
3rd Photographer + Lighting Assistant: Danielle Cargill
Wedding Ceremony: Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Toronto, ON
Reception Venue: Old Mill, Toronto, ON
Photo Session Location: Old Mill, Toronto, ON
Wedding Planner: Nadine Lamanna  from 818 Events, Toronto, ON
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