Find out why this Proof bar engagement session was Mamta and Vish’s favourite photo session to date | Toronto, ON

Mamta and Vish’s Proof bar engagement photoshoot prove just how far great work and referrals can get you. People are much more likely to consider using your services if a friend or family member has validated you. In this couple’s case, several friends of friends in their circle had either used me themselves or attended weddings I had shot. So when they approached me, they already knew that I came highly recommended.

Proof Bar Engagement Photographer

Proof Bar Engagement Photographers

Proof Bar Engagement Photography

Finding an engagement location can be just as stressful as deciding on a wedding venue. This is your first chance to show everyone that you are taking the next step. Therefore, you want somewhere that represents yourselves and the start of the next chapter. Mamta knew she wanted something high end, classy and meaningful. They decided on the Proof Bar, inside the Intercontinental Hotel in Toronto as that was the location where they had first met. It ticked all the requirements and signified the moment they started dating.

Proof Bar Engagement

Proof Bar Engagements

Proof Bar Engagement Photos

Best Photographer for Proof Bar Engagement

These lovebirds re-enacted their first date during this Proof bar engagement session

Best Photographers for Proof Bar Engagement

Top Photographer for Proof Bar Engagement

Top Photographers for Proof Bar Engagement

Best Toronto Indoor Engagement Location

Photographs at Proof Bar in Toronto

Photos at Proof Bar in Toronto

Engagement at Proof Bar in Toronto

Engagement photo at Proof Bar in Toronto

Being their first photoshoot they were both nervous and felt awkward showing public displays of affection. I tried to help by asking them to recreate the feelings of when they first met at that same bar. Being able to tap into those memories and having a couple of drinks during the shoot meant they really relaxed and warmed up in front of the camera. The dim lighting tested my skills as a photographer. I wanted to keep the feel but highlight the details of their surroundings and their emotions. The interiors offered some bold statements such as the yellow bar and the amazingly impactful painting of the bear. It added such a presence to one of my favourite images where it is featured in its entirety behind them as they stared into each others eyes.

Proof Bat Engagement in Toronto

Proof Bat Engagements in Toronto

Toronto Engagements

Toronto Engagement Photos

Intercontinental Hotel Toronto Engagement

Intercontinental Hotel Toronto Engagements

To offer some contrasting backdrops and feels to their session, we headed out into the Intercontinental hotel. Here I was able to take advantage of the stylish reception areas. As we stepped out onto the streets of upscale Yorkville and explored the area, we made the most of the exquisite architecture surrounding us. The beautiful historic brickwork featuring arches and ornate entrances and the abundance of natural sunlight. It contrasted well and brought a totally different feel to their Proof bar engagement photoshoot.

Toronto Engagement Photo Session

Toronto Engagement Photo Sessions

Proof Bar Engagements in Yorkville

Proof Bar Engagement in Yorkville

This Proof bar engagement location had an extra special meaning for this couple

Yorkville Engagements

Yorkville Engagement Photos

Yorkville Engagement Photo

Yorkville Engagement

As you can see, as the time wore on, they both visibly let down their guard and even got confident enough to look straight into the camera lens. That was a huge achievement from where we started at and the results were incredible. The natural light allowed me to emphasis Vish’s eyes whilst I focused on Mamta’s features and confident, content look.

Documentary Engagement Photos

Documentary Engagement Photos in Toronto

City Engagement Photos

Fast forward to a year later, after having photographed their wedding which consisted of multiple lavish events, and they both still consider this their favourite photoshoot. They fondly told me how they loved being able to focus on each other and just be themselves and how they had felt confident and secure in being photographed by the end of the session.

Documentary Engagements in Toronto

Yorkville Engagement Photography

I look forward to next being able to shoot Mamta’s sister’s upcoming wedding; it looks like things came full circle.

Engagement Photography in Yorkville

Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2019 DA Photography
Lighting Assistant: Danielle Cargill
Photo Session LocationProof The Vodka Bar , Intercontinental Hotel, Yorkville, Toronto, ON
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