This trendy little fur baby kept warm in style during this winter arboretum engagement | Barrie, ON

In a society full of people wanting to conform to what the mass think is the norm, it’s refreshing when I stumble across clients that relish their own uniqueness. Veronica and Brett wanted to celebrate their winter Arboretum engagement with a shoot that included their fur baby.

Winter Arboretum Engagement Photographer

Winter Arboretum Engagement Photographer in Guelph

Winter Arboretum Engagement Photographers in Guelph

They had chosen to embrace the traditional red and black plaid but made the style their own with leather jackets. I loved that they incorporated the theme for their dog which tied them together as a family.

Winter Arboretum Engagement Photographers

Winter Arboretum Engagement Photography

Winter Arboretum Engagement Photography in Guelph

Winter Engagement Photography in Guelph

Winter Engagement Photographers in Guelph

The weather was a bitter -20 but the snow was crisp and the sun was shining perfectly for the camera. We were dealing with a thin layer of snow which worked in our advantage as the tree branches were still exposed offering a variation in colour.

Winter Photos of a dog

Guelph Engagement Photographer

Guelph Engagement Photographers

Best Engagement Photographer in Guelph

When graffiti is seen a positive in this winter arboretum engagement

Best Engagement Photographers in Guelph

Winter Engagement Photos

Winter Engagement Photo

We started off in the park, dotted with long tall grass which helped break up the white of the snow. Their ease with each other and public displays of affection meant they were totally relaxed in front of the camera. I framed them up using the natural landscape around us to add interesting details. The incline of the slopes behind them and the tall, narrow tree trunks created fantastic lines in the background.

Winter Arboretum Engagement Pictures

Winter Arboretum Engagement Picture

Guelph Winter Engagement Photos

Whilst we had the sun and I could play with it, I had fun creating shadows of their silhouettes in the snow. As we stumbled across a wall covered in graffiti, I decided to utilize it as it added a raw and edgy pop of colour. It worked well as also reiterated the uniqueness of them and their photoshoot. As we headed into the forest, we lost light but gained more interesting landscapes such as the creek. The exposed bark I found worked as a great tool to set the engagement ring in.

Guelph Winter Engagement Photographs

Guelph Engagement Photography

As the sun started to set, we had a gentle flurry and I captured one of my favourite images of the session. The shot of them gazing into the snow and the dog staring into the camera was priceless and totally candid. Depth in a composition is hard to showcase, but I felt this replicated being there in person perfectly.

Winter Engagement Photographer in Guelph

You’d never guess it was -20 in this winter arboretum engagement

Best Engagement Photos in Barrie

Photographs at Barrie Arboretum

One of the things I noticed during their winter arboretum engagement was Veronica warming up her hands and placing them on Brett’s cheeks. After seeing it happen a few times and seeing their playful nature, I decided to freezeframe the moment. Capturing tender moments like this vs staged set ups will instantly transport them back to that time and bring smiles to their faces in years to come. Being able to document and preserve memories of various chapters during my clients lives makes me relish my job.

Best Winter Engagement Location

Best Winter Engagement Locations

Best Winter Engagement Photo Locations

Best Winter Engagement Photo Location

Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2019 DA Photography
Photography Location’s: Barrie Arboretum & Sunnidale Park, Barrie, ON
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