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As a bride to be, it’s one of the most exciting times of your life, but truth be told, it can be super overwhelming. Once google has a whiff of the keyword ‘wedding’ in your search engine, you are flooded with every kind of must have for the season. To help weed out the must haves from the fads, I have compiled a simple list of the top 5 factors to focus on for a fool proof wedding of your dreams.

Whistle Bear Wedding

Whistle Bear Wedding Photographer

Whistle Bear Wedding Photos

  1. Venue

When narrowing down your venue, you have to think about your needs. Are you planning on having an on-site ceremony and reception in the same location? Do you want an indoor or outdoor wedding and if outdoor, what is their contingency plan for bad weather? Are there varied backdrops for wedding photography? Do you have full access to shoot anywhere (this is particularly pertinent for golf course weddings)? You want to pick something unique, that symbolizes you and the start of your new life together. First, decide on a budget and what’s important to you.

Whistle Bear Wedding Photo

Bride and Groom at Whistle Bear

Bridal Party at Whistle Bear

Best Wedding Venue in Cambridge

Best Wedding Venues in Cambridge

  1. Photographer at Whistle Bear Wedding

It might seem a little biased; a photographer telling you photography is in the top 5 most important services. But if you are investing time, money and effort into planning the perfect day, you want to make sure it is properly documented. A professional photographer will capture the details that Aunt Lucy might overlook. They’ll take care of the logistics of planning a timeline for group sessions and individual portraits. They will know how to frame up their compositions so when you look back at your images in years to come, it will instantly transport you back to that moment. Decide what style of photography coverage you like i.e photojournalistic or more classic portrait style. Then, start saving images that catch your eye to convey to your chosen photographer.

Bridesmaid Dresses at Whistle Bear

Bride at Whistle Bear

Brides at Whistle Bear

Whistle Bear outdoor Wedding

Whistle Bear Wedding in Cambridge

Whistle Bear Weddings in Cambridge

Weddings at Whistle Bear

Wedding Receptions at Whistle Bear

  1. Décor at Whistle Bear Wedding

Every bride wants their décor to be unique, and it can really define your space. Once you have your venue in place, have a walk around and see what’s missing from the blank canvas. You might want to consider bringing the outdoors in for a rustic touch, or maybe opulent bedazzled centre pieces are more your thing. Decide on your colour scheme and see if that’s something you want to tie in to bring everything together.

Best Cambridge Wedding Venue

Best Cambridge Wedding Venues

Best Cambridge Reception Venue

Best Cambridge Reception Venues

Best Reception Venue in Cambridge

Best Reception Venues in Cambridge

Top Wedding Venues in Cambridge

  1. Flowers at Whistle Bear Wedding

Flowers are one of those things that people don’t realize can eat up a chunk of the budget, so make sure you don’t leave it to the last minute. They will enhance your decor and add a pop of colour to your photography. This is true whether you are using hand picked flowers from your garden, foliage from the forest or a professionally put together floral arrangement.

Best Wedding Venue in Cambridge

Cambridge Wedding Venues

Cambridge Wedding Venue

Whistle Bear Photographs

Wedding Reception at Whistle Bear

Wedding Receptions at Whistle Bear

  1. Cake/Dessert

Your chosen cake or dessert should be like your signature piece of the day. This is your chance to think outside the box and have a bit of fun. Couples are now looking beyond your traditional multi-tiered, heavily iced wedding cakes and we are seeing personalized cake toppers, stacked cheese wheels, because after all who doesn’t love an excuse for cheese, and elaborate chocolate art sculptured pieces. Whatever your taste (pun totally intended), make sure it’s representative of you and your day.

Wedding Cake at Whistle Bear

Cambridge Wedding Receptions

Cambridge Wedding Reception

Once Hunter and James had narrowed down their options, they decided upon a Whistle Bear wedding and the results were a stunningly beautiful and well executed day.

They knew they wanted something with natural beauty to celebrate their unity with their little boy Turner and their guests. Whistle Bear ticked all of those boxes and offered a refreshingly bright and airy, unique space that was a dream to photograph.

We started our day at their house where Hunter and her bridal party began their preparations. I wanted to make sure that I documented all of the little extra details so chose a flat lay style which was a big hit. Not only did it look stylish and elegant, but it was a way to incorporate all of the important elements into one picture.

Cambridge Wedding Photographer

Cambridge Wedding Photographers

Bridesmaids in Cambridge

Cambridge Wedding Pictures

Cambridge Wedding Photos

Once the respective parties were ready and we arrived on location, I decided to make the most of the abundance of natural light the interior of Whistle Bear offered. It was way too hot to be outside with Hunter, so instead we focused on shooting inside and the décor complimented the girls beautifully. No one wants to be squinting in the sun or sweating profusely, so being able to take these photos in an air-conditioned environment, yielded relaxed and stunning compositions.

Brides in Cambridge

Bride in Cambridge

Wedding Photography at Whistle Bear

Wedding Dress at Whistle Bear

Whistle Bear Wedding Photos

Whistle Bear Wedding Photographers

Wedding Photographer for Whistle Bear

Wedding Photographers for Whistle Bear

Bridesmaids at Whistle Bear

Whistle Bear Wedding Photo

Groomsman at Whistle Bear

If you are a bride-to-be be sure to take notes from this Whistle Bear wedding

Photographs at Whistle Bear

Cambridge Wedding Photographs

Cambridge Wedding Photography

Best Wedding Photos in Cambridge

Best Cambridge outdoor Wedding Location

Cambridge Garden Weddings

Garden Weddings at Whistle Bear

Garden Wedding at Whistle Bear

As the ceremony started, I chose to switch to a more documentary style of coverage to simulate snapshots of the moment. Being able to capture Turner’s reactions to watching his parents saying their vows was priceless. The ceremony area has such stunning interiors such as the chandeliers and symmetrical wood and glass walls, so it allowed me to get creative with my shots.

Wedding Ceremony at Whistle Bear in Cambridge

Wedding Ceremonies at Whistle Bear in Cambridge

Wedding Ceremony in Cambridge

Weddings at Whistle Bear in Cambridge

Cambridge Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Ceremony at Whistle Bear

Wedding Ceremonies at Whistle Bear

Cambridge Garden Wedding

Whistle Bear Wedding Ceremony

Whistle Bear Wedding Ceremonies

Cambridge Wedding Ceremonies

Wedding Ceremonies in Cambridge

Garden Weddings in Cambridge

Whistle Bear Garden Weddings

Before we headed over to the reception area, we bundled into the golf carts as I snuck the wedding party off to the forest. The green foliage, wooden swing, waterfall and bridge all offered gorgeous and whimsical backdrops as something to offset the interiors of Whistle Bear. Some of my favourite shots were the candid ones that offered a more realistic portrayal of the day. Being able to see people’s reactions and characters brings a realness to the photography.

Best Wedding Photographer in Cambridge

Wedding Photographer in Cambridge

Wedding Photos at Whistle Bear in Cambridge

Wedding Pictures at Whistle Bear in Cambridge

Bride and Groom in Cambridge

Wedding at Whistle Bear in Cambridge

Wedding Photographs at Whistle Bear

Outdoor Weddings at Whistle Bear

Whistle Bear Garden Wedding

Speeches are generally one of the most emotional times of the evening, which is why I chose to present these images in black and white. The lack of colour tends to highlight the emotions and adds a dramatic effect that replicates the feel of being there in person. These offer a huge contrast in tone to that of the dance floor once the party is underway. I loved Hunter’s dress and the open back, and as this was such a statement piece, I made sure to feature it in various shots.

Wedding Reception at Whistle Bear

Wedding Reception at Whistle Bear

Wedding Receptions at Whistle Bear

Wedding Venue in Cambridge

Wedding in Cambridge

Best Weddings in Cambridge

This Whistle Bear wedding showcases the benefit of a one stop shop location

Wedding Photo at Whistle Bear in Cambridge

Wedding Photos at Whistle Bear

Whistle Bear Wedding Receptions

Whistle Bear Wedding Reception

Cambridge Weddings

The end of the night wouldn’t have been complete without my signature outdoor images. Being able to take my couple away from the noise and into the still of the night and offer what is often their first alone time together as husband and wife is my gift to them! They are given an opportunity to gaze into each other’s eyes and allow the gravity of the day to sink in. I love being able to tweak the perfect lighting to capture the sharp, symmetrical lines of the exterior of the venue with their silhouettes.

Weddings at Whistle Bear

Top Wedding Photographers in Cambridge

Wedding Photography in Cambridge

Hunter and James’ Whistle Bear wedding shows the benefit of using one location to facilitate all of your needs. It eliminates the need to think about travel between locations and coordinating times. This allows everyone the ability to relax and enjoy their surroundings.

Top Wedding Photographer in Cambridge

Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2019 DA Photography
2nd Photographer + Lighting Assistant: Jacquie Dudley
Wedding Cake: The Dessert Room
Floral + Flowers: Jodi-Leigh Designs
Wedding Venue Ceremony, Reception and Photo SessionWhistle Bear Golf Club, Cambridge, ON
DA Photography Weddings on Instagram
Click here if you want to see Hunter and James’ engagement photo session.

Here you can see Hunter’s cousin wedding which we photograph two years back.


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