This bride knew how to make a statement when she arrived on horseback to her vintage Millcroft Inn wedding | Millcroft Inn, Alton, ON

The saying goes, never work with animals or children, so I had to make sure I had a game plan before tackling this vintage Millcroft Inn wedding. Through some dry runs and preparation, the day was a huge hit and the saying couldn’t have been further from the truth.

Millcroft Inn Wedding

Millcroft Inn Weddings

Millcroft Inn Wedding Photographer

Millcroft Inn Wedding Photographers

Siobhan has a natural affinity to animals and wanted to incorporate the most important elements in her life into her special day. Having photographed her and her family before, there was a natural ease and connection making them easy to work with.

Millcroft Inn Photographer

Millcroft Inn Photographers

Photographer for Millcroft Inn Wedding

Photographer for Millcroft Inn Weddings

When Siobhan and David told me their venue was Millcroft Inn, I was thrilled as it was such a great match for their needs. Falling under the category of vintage hotels, their look was the perfect opportunity to broaden my style into the world of vintage wedding photography. Being a fashionable style of photography, I wanted to make sure my work was timeless vs faddy.

Photographers for Millcroft Inn Wedding

Bride at Millcroft Inn

Bride in Alton

Brides at Millcroft Inn

Would you incorporate animals into your wedding day? This Millcroft Inn wedding did and the results were spectacular.

Groom at Millcroft Inn

Grooms at Millcroft Inn

Groomsman's at Millcroft Inn

Groom in Alton

We started the day with the couple getting ready on-site in separate rooms with their respective wedding parties. There was such a relaxed vibe from both groups making them easy to photograph. I focused on a journalistic style of photography to capture snapshots of their day as it was happening. One of the sweetest elements they had incorporated was their dog ‘Dude’, who was their ringbearer. They had had attached the ring pillow onto Dude’s collar so I got some really meaningful shots of them together.

Wedding Rings at at Millcroft Inn

Best Photographer for Milcroft Inn

Wedding Rings at at Millcroft Inn in Alton

Best Photographers for Milcroft Inn

As a photographer, Siobhan arriving on horseback was tricky to capture so required a few practice runs in the morning. I wanted to make sure I could set up the perfect shot and freeze frame that incredible moment. The image of Siobhan arriving, taken from David’s perspective was worth the set up and I loved the result.

Wedding Dress at Millcroft Inn

Milcroft Inn Wedding Pictures

Milcroft Inn Wedding Photos

Milcroft Inn Wedding Photo

Wedding Pictures at Millcroft Inn in Alton

The setup options for their Millcroft Inn wedding gave me so much variety when it came to shooting their ceremony. The lush greenery gave the illusion they were getting married in the middle of a forest. When I set up for the group shots after, I was spoilt with choice. From waterfalls to naturally occurring arches in nature, exposed and weathered barnboards to forests; Millcroft Inn has it all.

Garden Wedding at Millcroft Inn

Garden Weddings at Millcroft Inn

Alton Garden Wedding

Flower girl in Millcroft Inn Wedding

Flower girls in Millcroft Inn Wedding

Wedding Ceremony at Millcroft Inn

Wedding Ceremonies at Millcroft Inn

Bride and Groom at Millcroft Inn

Be sure to see what this bride did as the ultimate arrival for her Millcroft Inn wedding.

Outdoor Weddings at Millcroft Inn

Outdoor Wedding at Millcroft Inn

Bridal party Pictures at Millcroft Inn Wedding

Bridesmaids at Millcroft Inn

Milcroft Inn Wedding Photography

It was important to take the time to document the finishing touches as they had put obvious effect into it. I arranged the stationary in a flat lay set up as the colour scheme popped beautifully against the tablecloth. The rustic style cupcakes sat atop tiered wood slices and were very apt for their special day.

Wedding Gifts at Millcroft Inn

Wedding Receptions at Millcroft Inn

Wedding Cake at Millcroft Inn

Wedding Invitations Set at Millcroft Inn

Rustic Style Cupcakes at Millcroft Inn

I always recommend incorporating important elements from your life into your wedding day to give it a unique feel. It offers something for you and your guests that is personal to your special day and results in wedding photography and memories to treasure forever.

Top Wedding Photographers at Millcroft Inn

Top Wedding Photographer at Millcroft Inn

Top Wedding Photographers in Guelph

Top Wedding Photographer in Guelph

Best Wedding in Guelph

Best Wedding in Alton

Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2018 DA Photography
2nd Photographer + Lighting Assistant: Jacquie Dudley
Wedding  Ceremony + Reception: MillCroft Inn and Spa, Alton, ON
Photography Locations: MillCroft Inn and Spa, Alton, ON
Images from Elopement at Millcroft Inn you can see it here.

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