This Dundurn Castle wedding showcases why fall is my favourite season to tie the knot | Hamilton, ON

Everyone always loves a summer wedding, but my favourite time of year to walk down the aisle is fall. You aren’t battling relentless heat, and gloomier days actually mean better lighting and less squinting. Above all, the array of autumnal colours lead to endless picturesque backdrops. Cara and Chris saw the benefits this season offered, and their Dundurn Castle wedding will blow your mind.

Dundurn Castle Wedding

Dundurn Castle Wedding Photographer

Dundurn Castle Wedding Photographers

Dundurn Castle Weddings

Dundurn Castle Wedding Photographer in Hamilton

Top Photographers for Dundurn Castle Wedding

I had photograph Cara and Chris’s engagement the year before in the blustering cold on a frozen lake. They definitely liked to push boundaries for the sake of art and I loved that about them. I’m all for pushing myself to my limit if it means being able to get incredible photography.

Top Photographers for Dundurn Castle Weddings

Top Photographer for Dundurn Castle Wedding

Top Photographer for Dundurn Castle Weddings

Best Wedding Photographers for Dundurn Castle

Best Wedding Photographer for Dundurn Castle

We started our day with the two of them getting ready at the Sheraton hotel surrounded by their nearest and dearest. The robes Cara chose for her bridal party offered a pop of colour and were convenient during hair and makeup. Not having to pull tops over their heads and risk wrecking everything was brilliant foresight on her part. The girls were very relaxed around each other which made it easy to photograph them naturally without any awkward smiles.

Brides in Hamilton

Bride in Hamilton

Bridesmaids in Hamilton

Wedding Photo in Hamilton

Wedding Photos in Hamilton

Brides at The Waterfront in Hamilton

The guys also bounced off each other so again provided easy subjects to work with.

Groom in Hamilton

Groomsman's in Dundurn Castle

Groomsman's in Hamilton

The beauty of fall is highlighted in this Dundurn Castle wedding.

Hamilton Wedding Photographer

Hamilton Wedding Photographers

Best Wedding Photos in Hamilton

Wedding Photography in Hamilton

I love focusing on the details and capturing raw emotions and natural moments that embody the essence of the day. Playing with symmetrical setups always creates a powerful composition such as the one with the ring balanced between the shoes. The image is simple yet powerful with clear lines and your eyes are drawn to the details. One of my favourite shots of the preparations was of Cara and her mother where they were caught in laughter as they tried to dispel any nervousness before the ceremony.

Brides at Dundurn Castle

Bride at Dundurn Castle

Dundurn Castle Brides

Dundurn Castle Bride

Dundurn Castle Wedding Photography

Once we arrived on location for their Dundurn Castle wedding ceremony, I had a chance to showcase the beauty of Ontario in fall. The colours of the leaves, view of the water and stunningly historic architecture meant I had plenty to work with.

Outdoor Wedding at Dundurn Castle

Outdoor Weddings at Dundurn Castle

Outdoor Wedding in Hamilton

Dundurn Castle Wedding Ceremonies

Dundurn Castle Wedding Ceremony

Best Hamilton Outdoor Wedding Location

Outdoor Weddings in Hamilton

Their burgundy and navy colour scheme worked well for this time of year, especially in contrast to the white buildings and woodland. Colonial columns, rustic barns, arches and impressive brickwork made grand statements in the background. I also chose to utilize the bare, naked branches of the trees and the giant, wooden studded door for more dramatic compositions.

 Photograph of Dundurn Castle in Hamilton

Bridesmaids dresses at Dundurn Castle wedding

Bride and Groom at Dundurn Castle

Maid of Honour and Bride at Dundurn Castle wedding

Bride and Groom in Hamilton

Fun Wedding Photographer in Hamilton

Fun Wedding Photographers in Hamilton

Wedding Dress at Dundurn Castle

When we headed to the Waterfront Banquet and Conference centre for the reception I was blown away with their setup. It offers a very private lakeside location in the marina, so the photographic opportunities were endless as you can see. I loved that being a private marina, there weren’t many distractions, so my couple could focus on each other. Raw, intimate emotions are much easier to capture when they’re not being gawked at by onlookers. The stormy clouds threatening to rain added to the depth and thankfully stayed at bay.

Bride and Groom at The Waterfront

Bride and Groom at The Waterfront in Hamilton

Wedding Photography at The Waterfront in Hamilton

Wedding Photography at The Waterfront

Wedding Photographer for The Waterfront

A navy and burgundy colour scheme was the perfect choice for this fall Dundurn Castle wedding.

Wedding flowers at The Waterfront

Wedding Photographers for The Waterfront

Top Photographers for The Waterfront

Bridal party at The Waterfront

Clean, strong lines and blocks of colour such as the sails of the boats and the dock, added a whimsical feel to the photos. I was very happy with the set up involving Cara and Chris standing on the end of the dock, with her dress hanging over the edge. It was a unique way to showcase her gown in an artistic manner.

Top Photographer for The Waterfront

Best Photographer for The Waterfront

Best Photographers for The Waterfront

Best Hamilton Fall Wedding Location

As soon as the guests arrived to the reception, it was clear there would be a great party atmosphere. Once the shoe game and first dance were over, Cara ditched her heels and rocked the flip flops allowing her to dance her heart out.

Wedding Reception at The Waterfront Banquet Centre

Wedding Receptions at The Waterfront Banquet Centre

Wedding Picture at The Waterfront Banquet Centre

Wedding Pictures at The Waterfront Banquet Centre

The Waterfront Banquet Centre Weddings

The Waterfront Banquet Centre Wedding

Whilst the dance floor was heaving, I took the opportunity to sneak out my couple for my signature nighttime portrait. That moment when you remove them from the festivities inside and into the still of the night is always magical. It’s often the first time the couple have had a moment alone together, and being able to capture that sense of unity as they let the day sink in, always results in truly heartfelt images.

The Waterfront Banquet Centre Wedding Photos

The Waterfront Banquet Centre Wedding Photo

Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2018 DA Photography
2nd Photographer + Lighting Assistant: Jacquie Dudley
Wedding  Ceremony: Dundurn Castle Backside, Hamilton, ON
Wedding Reception: The Waterfront Banquet and Conference centre, Hamilton, ON
Photography Location One: Dundurn Castle, Hamilton, ON
Photography Location Two: TheWaterfront Marina and lakefront, Hamilton, ON

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