If you can only look at one thing today, prepare for your heart to be melted at this lakeside Casablanca Winery Inn wedding | Grimsby, ON

Whether you’re an animal lover or not, Sarah and Blair’s Casablanca Winery Inn wedding will melt your heart. The inclusion of their fur baby had been a unanimous decision from our initial meeting. When I met him at their engagement session, and saw the bond between the three of them, I could see why.

Casablanca Winery Inn Wedding

We were so lucky with the weather the day of their wedding as it was the last beautiful day of fall before the temperature dropped. This allowed them to take full advantage of the picturesque location they’d chosen and its close proximity to the lake.

Photographer for Casablanca Winery Inn Wedding

Photographers for Casablanca Winery Inn Wedding

Casablanca Winery Inn Weddings

Niagara on The Lake Wedding

Niagara on The Lake Weddings

As Sarah and Blair already lived together, Blair decided to get ready at the house with the groomsmen. The beauty of working with a second photographer is that we can be in two places at once. I sent Jacquie over to cover the guys, whilst the girls and I headed to the hotel. Sarah’s dress had a lot of detailing, so I wanted to make sure I captured some close ups to serve as a reminder. Paying attention to detail is critical; be it an intricate design in a gown, close ups of the rings, or a facial expression. Some adorable expressions were to be had by their dog who seemed to reflect Blair’s demeaner.

Bride at Casablanca Winery Inn

Brides at Casablanca Winery Inn

Wedding accessories at Casablanca Winery Inn

Wedding Dress at Casablanca Winery Inn

Bride in Grimsby

Brides in Grimsby

Casablanca Winter Inn Photography

Wedding photos at Casablanca Winter Inn

Grimsby Ballroom Weddings

The benefit of a second photographer is evident in this Casablanca Winery Inn wedding.

Photograph at Casablanca Wintery Inn

Photographs at Casablanca Wintery Inn

Casablanca Wintery Inn Wedding Pictures

Casablanca Wintery Inn Wedding Picture

Grimsby Wedding Photography

Grimsby Wedding Photos

Fun Wedding Photographer in Grimsby

Fun Wedding Photographers in Grimsby

When Sarah was ready, she took her parents breath away as she glided down the majestic staircase at the Casablanca Winery Inn. Her parents’ expressions were so raw and sincere in their happiness and the setting was so picturesque.

Best Wedding Photos in Grimsby

Best Wedding Photography in Grimsby

Wedding Photo at Casablanca Winery Inn in Grimsby

Once done, we headed to a creek near their house for their first look and their dog’s involvement was adorable. Not satisfied with waiting in the wings, it wanted to be right up there and in the midst of the action! The location offered such a great flow as they walked past their wedding party, and laid eyes on each other on a secluded wooden bridge. The mood was heightened with Blair who was visibly teary and their dog who equally as emotionally involved.

Groom in Grimsby

Groom at Casablanca Winery Inn Wedding

Grimsby Weddings

Grimsby Wedding

Best Wedding in Grimsby

Best Weddings in Grimsby

I love getting most of the photography out of the way before the ceremony as it removes a lot of anticipated nerves. It also allows the wedding couple to take some of the pressure off without a slew of onlookers. That way they are free to enjoy mingling after the formalities of the ceremony. Guests aren’t left trying to find things to do between the wedding and reception, therefore eliminating downtime.

Grimsby Outdoor Weddings

Grimsby Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor Wedding In Grimsby

Outdoor Weddings In Grimsby

Best Grimsby Outdoor Wedding Photo Location

Best Wedding Photographer in Grimsby

Wedding Pictures of Bridal party at Bruce Trail

The couple had used Sarah’s father vintage car as their mode of transportation so I utilized it for some of the set ups. The unique, classic lines and natural quirky style worked wonderfully against the rustic backdrop as we arrived to Bruce Trail park which featured exposed barn-board outbuildings for a dramatic look. In contrast, when we headed to the lake, I wanted to emphasize the serene and still surroundings. The clean lines of the lake and the horizon offered a fantastic background to the wedding couple in the foreground.

Bruce Trail Wedding Photography

Bride and Groom in Grimsby

Top Wedding Photographers in Grimsby

Top Wedding Photographer in Grimsby

Would you incorporate your fur baby into your wedding ceremony? This couple did in their Casablanca Winery Inn wedding.

Best Wedding Photographers in Grimsby

Best Grimsby Outdoor Wedding Photo Locations

Wedding photos at Bruce Trail in Grimsby

Bride and Groom at Bruce Trail in Grimsby

Casablanca Beach Wedding Photos

Casablanca Beach Wedding Photo

Sarah had chosen some unique and personalized touches, such as their cake topper featuring two dogs. She made sure to tie the event together with their navy colour scheme.

Grimsby Wedding Ceremony

Grimsby Wedding Ceremonies

Wedding Ceremonies at Casablanca Wintery Inn

Casablanca Winery Inn Wedding Ceremony

Casablanca Winery Inn Wedding Ceremonies

Wedding Ceremony at Casablanca Wintery Inn

Wedding Ceremony at Casablanca Wintery Inn in Grimsby

Wedding Party at Casablanca Winery Inn

After the speeches and shoe game, I managed to sneak them outside for some nighttime shots. I wanted to make the most of the sweeping staircase as it added such a grand feel to their day. By shooting from various angles, it gave different perspectives adding more dimensions.

Wedding Cake at Casablanca Wintery Inn

Topper on a Wedding Cake at Casablanca Wintery Inn

Wedding Rings at Casablanca Wintery Inn

Wedding Reception at Casablanca Wintery Inn

Wedding Receptions at Casablanca Wintery Inn

Reception at Casablanca Wintery Inn Wedding

Receptions at Casablanca Wintery Inn

The wedding wouldn’t be complete without one of my signature nighttime portraits, the first of which I shot through the window of the car. One of the things I love about nighttime photography is that it really eccentricities the silhouettes of the subjects. The arch of Sarah’s back as Blair has her in his arms is so romantic and magical.

Guelph Wedding Photography

Casablanca Winery Inn Wedding Photographer

Casablanca Winery Inn Wedding Photographers

Casablanca Inn Wedding Photos

Sarah and Blair’s Casablanca Winery Inn wedding showcases the benefit of adding a second photographer. Having the ability to be in two places at once, be it during preparations or during the reception; me to capture the main action and the second to capture reactions and details, adds a true sense of the overall feel of the day with no stone left unturned.

Casablanca Inn Wedding Photo

Best Wedding Photos at Casablanca Winery Inn in Grimsby

Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2018 DA Photography
2nd Photographer + Lighting Assistant: Jacquie Dudley
Wedding  Ceremony + Reception: Casablanca Winery Inn, Grimsby, ON
Photography Location One: Bruce Trail, Grimsby, ON
Photography Location Two: Casablanca Beach, Grimsby, ON
Night Time Portraits Location: Casablanca Winery Inn, Grimsby, ON

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