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When you have children to manage, life is a blur. Projects are put on hold and to-do-lists are a staple of never-ending things to remember. Days turn into weeks and months. Before you know it, whole chapters of our lives have passed us by.

Family Photographer at Lion's Valley Park

When Reto reached out to schedule these family fall photos in Oakville, it was because he had seen the importance of documenting his family’s life. I had originally photograph a spring family photos when their son Pinto was just one. Imagine how much he had changed in two years now he was full of adventure and curiosity. Reto and Li had decided upon a fall photoshoot to heighten the difference in both growth and seasonal backdrops.

Family Photographer at Lion's Valley Park in Oakville

The reason why we booked two dates for these family fall photos in Oakville

Family Photographers in Oakville

Whenever I schedule a photoshoot that requires the cooperation of either the weather or young children, I book two dates. The importance of having a back up date is paramount when dealing with something outside of your control. There’s no point in me photographing if the subjects aren’t on top form, and no one wants to shoot in a downpour or with inconsolable babies.

Family Photographer in Oakville

Top Family Photographers in Oakville

I began my session by focusing on making a connection with Pinto and let check out our surroundings. By letting him pick up leaves and climb, it relaxed him and removed any barriers. I would photograph him as he was exploring with his parents, resulting in very natural looking images. The dark blue and burgundy of their clothing complemented the autumnal colour scheme surrounding them. Towards the end of the session, I had them remove their jackets, so I could showcase their smarter looking outfits for a different feel.

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Oakville Kids Photos in Fall

By using every opportunity presented to me, I managed to capture a variety of different backdrops and vibes whilst the elements were cooperating. Being able to capture the family in different settings, I got to see a range of emotions and dynamics.

Family Photography in Oakville

The bridge offered great sight lines and channeled the viewers eye to the family in the centre of the composition. In contrast to the simple set up of the bridge; the fence lined trail featured the family in the centre with a defined line on one side, yet a bank of foliage on the other. Even though this image was a lot busier, I shifted my focus in the composition, so it offered texture but without overpowering the subjects.

Best Family Photographer in Oakville

Best Family Photographers in Oakville at Lion's Valley Park

Best Family Photographers in Oakville

Lion's Valley Park Family Photos

Lion's Valley Park Family Photo

These family fall photos in Oakville show what a difference a couple of years can make

Oakville Family Fall Photos

Oakville Family Fall Photos at Lion's Valley Park

Family Fall Photos at Lion's Valley Park in Oakville

I always make sure to get a mixture of images featuring single portraits of the child, each parent alone with the child and then some of the parents alone. Parents often have no photographic evidence of themselves as a couple during their child rearing years so it’s a nice reminder of their relationship.

Couples Portrait in Oakville

Couples Portraits in Oakville

Connection is everything. That is why I tend to veer away from traditionally posed setups and focus on in-the-moment photography. Documenting Pinto as his father threw him in the air and laughing with his mom made my heart swell. Knowing I had captured these otherwise overseen moments, meant I had given the family some precious memories they could remember for life.

Family Fall Photos at Lion's Valley Park

Family Fall Photos in Oakville

Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2018 DA Photography
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