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Very rarely am I able to say that one photo in particular stands out to me as my favourite – they’re all my precious babies! However, during Krystle and Barry’s wedding, I knew right away that I had taken one of those rare images. 
The ring boy at the wedding - Wedding Photographer
Two of our closest friends, Tim and Victoria referred me as a wedding photographer for Tim’s sister and soon-to-be brother-in-law. Tim and Victoria’s son is the sweet, blonde little boy who held the very important position as ring bearer for his uncle’s special day. The ring bearer did a fantastic job of carrying those rings safely to the alter at the front of the hall. The whole time he maintained a look of determination – he took his job seriously!
Bride with her bridesmaids getting ready - Wedding PhotographyThe Bride - Wedding PhotographyMy future last Name - The Bride - Wedding PhotographyThe fun withe the groom with his groom mans My last Name - Wedding Photographer
Sometimes as a wedding photographer, the stars seem to align and everything comes together to create a perfect image. The photo I was able to capture of the couples nephew is the rare image that struck me as utter perfection. The look on the boy’s face along with the look of joy on the bride and her father is priceless. This image reminds of me of what weddings are about — generations of family and friends celebrating life and shared love. The young boy represents the couple’s future (if they plan to have kids, of course!) and the father preparing to give away his daughter at the alter is telling of their past together. Not only does the photo tell a story about the people in it, it’s also rewarding from a technical perspective. The way the light shines on the little boy is especially enticing to the eye. Since the photo tells such a thorough story, I use it for my business’ marketing materials. The wedding magazine we created recently, has this image on it’s front page.
The first look, dad and his daughter, future bride to be - Wedding PhotographerThe proud daddy - Wedding PhotographerThe happiness of generations - Wedding PhotographerDown the aisle, dad with his daughter - Wedding PhotographerThe location - Wedding Photographer
After attending Krystle and Barry’s wedding rehearsal I guarantee that I took 99% better images because of that event. The wedding was in a hall by the lake in Toronto and I had plenty of opportunity to use natural light. Working with natural light is the by far the best source but, it can be fickle. Clouds come and go. The light hides behind pillars and peeks through windows. During the rehearsal I was able to pinpoint areas where light could be used to my advantage. The hall had a unique layout, so getting comfortable in the space and understanding where to shoot from the day before was highly beneficial. I was also able to “sleep on it” and came up with ideas later in the evening. By their wedding day I had a very specific plan of action. I always plan ahead but, this time I had also had the opportunity to practice.
The newlyweds - Wedding PhotographerThe bride - Wedding PhotographerThe happy moment at the wedding - Wedding PhotographyThe bridal party - Bridal PhotographyThe bridal party outdoors - Bridal Photography
“We seek the comfort of another. 
Someone to share the life we choose. 
Someone to help us through the never ending attempt to understand ourselves. 
And in the end, 
Someone to comfort us along the way.” – Marlin Finch Lupus
Time for only US - Bridal PhotographyLove is sweet, maple syrup - Bridal PhotographyThe main table, weddings  - Bridal PhotographyAt front of Liberty Grand photo shoot  - Wedding PhotographyAt front of Liberty Grand photo shoot, silhouettes   - Wedding PhotographyThe shining stars, two lights in the night  - Wedding Photography
Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2014 DA Photography
Assistant Photography: Jacquie Dudley
Wedding Reception and Ceremony Location: Liberty Grand, Toronto, ON



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