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It’s What I Do

Our relationship is intense. We get to know each other quickly, discuss hopes and dreams during our first meeting and put a lot of trust in one another right off the bat. It’s a vulnerable situation we’re in. So, here’s a little background information to hopefully ease your mind. This is a little bit of what I do. Some of it you see, some you don’t. 

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Let’s Talk it Out

First things first, you and I need to talk. I need to know what you’re looking for in photos, discuss what your wedding will be like and so much more. We’ll see if your expectations line up with my ability to deliver (I hope so!) and we’ll look through a lot of photos so you can show me what you like and what you don’t.

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Prep Time

Give me the details! Anything. Everything. Hours of events, places you want me to be, people you want me to photograph, the more the better. Weddings don’t always run like clockwork, so I know how to be flexible. 

If I haven’t photographed at the venue or church you picked, I will visit the location ahead of time to figure out what lighting is available and take a few practice shots. If your style of wedding or ceremony is different than any that I’ve photographed before, I will ask questions and find out what I should focus on.

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Your Special Day

I want you to ignore me. I want you and your guests to go on enjoying your celebration without thinking about smiling for the camera. This way I’m not only capturing the classic, posed photos of your wedding party, but I’m capturing the feel of your day.

As early as you’re ready and willing, I will start taking photos. Some brides and grooms want to have photos of themselves getting ready for their big day at their homes. I have started photographing wedding traditions as early as 5:00 am! Whatever you want documented, I’m there. If you want pictures at both the bride and groom’s houses, I do drive to both places. For extra coverage I can leave my 2nd photographer or I have an assistant that helps me do that. 

Ring Boy with Flower girl having a " apple champagne", or not? - Wedding Photographer by DA Photography ,

Bride in her happy thoughts - Wedding Photographer by DA Photography ,

I’m laser focused and ready to take photos… Whether they be key photos of the wedding or candid photos with your guests, I’m ready! I like to capture the emotion of your day. If your parents are teary-eyed and filled with joy, I want that photo! If your best man is making a speech that has everyone in fits of laughter, I want that photo too! It’s all about knowing what to look for.

What’s bad weather? Weather is weather. A good wedding photographer knows how to use the weather to his advantage. Cloudy day? Perfect. Too much sun? No problem. Rain? Bring it. I have experience working in all kinds of weather – just ask my photography assistant! I have the gear and a keen eye for making the available background work for you.

In the end, my goal is to tell a story about your wedding day through my photos. Let’s make that story a reality. 

Fireworks, Bride and groom under the sky on their wedding night - Wedding Photographer by DA Photography ,

Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2015 DA Photography
2nd Photographer and Assistant: Jacquie Dudley
2nd Photographer and AssistantErika Alvarenga



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