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As a young girl, one of the popular games to play was ‘getting married’. For those who indulged, Disney themes were an obvious choice, but imagine being able to execute those childhood dreams as an adult in a fairytale wedding. Marisol managed to do just that with a magical Beauty and the Beast themed wedding.

Casa Loma Wedding Photographer

I was the wedding photographer for the groom’s brother Eddie, so my wedding couple knew I could deliver precisely what they were looking for. Sadmir and Marisol had set their sights on the stunning Casa Loma for their wedding ceremony. This was followed by a reception at the Apollo Banquet Hall in the evening, when the vibe changed.

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Every girl’s dream fairytale wedding

Due to its popularity as a wedding venue, our timing was tight resulting in a 38 minutes to take photographs post ceremony. However, what other location would be more apt for as Beauty and the Beast wedding other than Casa Loma in Toronto.

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My main focal points that I wanted to capture were the stunning interiors that offered a palatial backdrop and the fairytale castle exteriors.

The abundance of light coming through the windows offered a beautiful and serene scene. The straight lines in the pattern of the window pane offset nicely with the soft flows in the wedding gown. Marisol’s sightlines out into the grounds seemed fitting with a fairytale theme as she waited for her prince.

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Beauty and the Beast, Fairytale Wedding

Details are everything and the wedding couple left no stone unturned. Marisol and Sadmir had matched the pastel yellows of the bridal parties’ dresses to that of Belle’s original gown for their Beauty and the Beast wedding.

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This image showcasing the colossal stained glass domed ceiling and windows is a real showstopper. It captures a snapshot of the couple, their guests and their stunning surroundings. The predominant colour being white, representing purity is the perfect balance against the dome above.

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Fairytale Wedding at Casa Loma

It was important to highlight the architecture from the turrets to the breathtaking stonework which is a rarity in Canada.

The Toronto skyline is a complete contrast from the fairytale element but identifies its importance to their identity.

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Guests were whisked away to another opulent affair as they continued their celebrations at the Apollo Banquet Hall. The evening featured a regal and elegant looking head table, a perfect end to their beautiful day.

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Marisol and Sadmir threw their heart into the details of their Beauty and Beast Fairytale wedding and it was executed to perfection. I’m honoured they chose me to capture memories of their fairytale love story and look forward to capturing future milestones.

Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2017 DA Photography
2nd Photographer and Assistant: Jacquie Dudley
Wedding  Ceremony: Casa Loma, Toronto, ON
Photography Location:Casa Loma, Toronto, ON

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