A Wedding Planner: Do we have to get one?

Having worked in the wedding industry for more than 25 years, I have seen many weddings that have hired wedding planners and coordinators or relied on venue coordinators. Many weddings did not have any wedding planners. As well, for many others, the wedding couple used their friends and family to assist with the planning process.

Timeless Wedding Photography Trends – how to find the balance

What does “timeless wedding photography trends” mean? Essentially, it is a category of photography approaches that are not short-lived or are quick to become obsolete. If you choose a style that leans more towards a classic approach, you can include creative and newer ideas and still achieve results that remain impactful through the test of

Wedding Photography Trends: Part 1

Wedding photography trends come and go. It’s part of our duty as a photographer to keep up with what’s resonating with our clients. Certainly, it is not possible to be on top of every trend out there. However, having a general idea of what direction something is developing or changing is crucial. It’s a priority