Whistling Gardens Engagement at sunset

Taking engagement photos at Whistling Gardens is always an amazing choice. However, for Becky and Jason, planning to have the session here at sunset was the perfect scenario. Although this wasn’t our first stop on our journey, ending the session here was the ultimate ending and an amazing experience for all of us. How Whistling

Wedding Photographer | It’s hard to believe these beautiful sunset engagement photos were taken so close to home | Port Dover, ON

When I was initially approached by Martha and Corey to take some amazing sunset engagement photos, my head reeled. I get excited at the best of times, but when I am asked to shoot at a venue that is new to me, my creativity juices kick into overdrive. They’d set their heart on Long Point

Wedding Photographer| The importance of a plan B for your wedding day| Wedding in Port Dover

Making the most of your Plan B and rain on your wedding day, wedding in Port Dover with Martha and Corey. In a world overrun with stress, noise and big city mentalities, Martha and Corey’s wedding really helped to put things back into perspective. They allowed me to focus on the basics that resulted in