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Outdoor weddings are always fun to shoot, especially when they are held on a prestigious golf course. This was my first encounter with Whistle Bear golf club, and despite seeing numerous wedding locations, I was impressed.

Whistle Bear Wedding Photographer

Melissa and Scott had decided exchanging their engagement session for family session after the wedding, so it was quite challenging meeting the groom for the first time at his wedding. The wedding couple weren’t comfortable posing in front of the camera so we decided on journalistic style coverage.

Bride in Cambridge

Bride at Whistle Bear

Children have a natural curiosity of their surroundings; therefore their son quickly became a focus point in the photography session.

Kitchener Outdoor Weddings

Kitchener Outdoor Weddings at Whistle Bear

Children on a Weddings at Whistle Bear Golf Club

Groom at Whistle Bear Golf Club

Bearer Boy on a Wedding at Whistle Bear

Groomsman's at Whistle Bear

A very sweet moment to document was during the ceremony when his parents were exchanging rings and he stood between them. He snuck in to get a better look and stared straight into the camera so timing was everything.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony at Whistle Bear

Weddings at Whistle Bear

The wow factor at prestigious golf course outdoor weddings

Whistle Bear golf club was a dream to photograph but I had to get creative with my shots due to their strict policies. Being a prestigious golf course, we were not allowed to walk onto the green. This meant we had to cheat our shots to still make the most of the scenery as a backdrop.

Bridesmaids and Bride at Whistle Bear

Wedding Photographer for Whistle Bear

Wedding Photographers for Whistle Bear

Whistle Bear Wedding Photography

Wedding Pictures at Whistle Bear in Kitchener

Whistle Bear Wedding Pictures

Outdoor weddings typically take away the distractions and allow guests to focus their attention on the ceremony.

The outdoor set up for the ceremony featured the wedding couple standing in front of a gazebo on the golf course.

Outdoor Weddings at Whistle Bear

Outdoor Weddings at Whistle Bear in Kitchener

Behind the Scene of Outdoor Weddings at Whistle Bear

The venue wedding coordinator escorted us to a very picturesque forest area which offered a rustic look and immersed us in nature. The use of props offered a whimsical and fun feel to the wedding party compositions.

Garden Wedding at Whistle Bear

Bride and Groom at Whistle Bear

Bridal Party at Whistle Bear in Kitchener

Bridal Party at Whistle Bear Golf Club

Whistle Bear Wedding Photographers

Not your typical golf course wedding

Bride at Whistle Bear in Kitchener

Once we headed inside for the reception we saw some emotional speeches and a special first dance. One of the options they had added to their package was the same day photo slide show. This was met with an overwhelming response from the family and guests. They loved being able to see a recap of their day in high quality images without the wait. In fact, this has become so popular that I now include it with all of my wedding collections.

Wedding Venue in Kitchener

Wedding Reception at Whistle Bear in Kitchener

Whistle Bear Wedding Receptions

Whistle Bear Wedding Party

Whistle Bear Wedding Reception

No wedding would be complete without sneaking outside to take a silhouette of the wedding couple as they reflect on the gravity of their day. In this case, the rain drops merely added to the effect.

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I am thankful that Melissa and Scott felt confident in my abilities, as outdoor weddings and the unpredictable elements always keep me on my toes.

Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2018 DA Photography
2nd Photographer: Jacquie Dudley
Photo Booth: DA Photography
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