How to decide location for photographing your engagement Couples – DA Photography Tips

Long time ago very often I have admired nice edited photos that I have been seen in a magazine, TV or other media. I have been asking why I can’t have those same edited photos.

Obviously I have been looking for breath taking places where nobody have visited before. After traveling all around the world for almost 15 years I have come to closing stages that we have to look around us and see that every, but really every location can be beautiful on the own way if you know how to use it.

Any wedding-engagement couple will like to see waterfront, nice park or stunning landscape behind them, right? Photographers are those who need to educate them that the real beauty on the photograph is actually people featured in it.

So therefore I will be sharing every week on Friday’s locations on which I have been shooting families, couples, weddings or children. You can see how ordinary are all those locations at the beginning and how with adding people and some little enhancing in Photoshop can make those photograph to stand out.

The Location where this images are taken is named Adamson Estate and is located in Mississauga, ON, Canada by Dragi Andovski ©DA Photography.

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