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Wedding photography is rarely stress-free as you are on a strict timeline and trying to juggle many people and many locations. Fast forward to Melody’s euphoric decision to have her cake and eat it with these unique Casa Loma photos.

Casa Loma Family Photos

Casa Loma Photos

Melody and I connected through the powers of Google search after the seed had been planted to hold their renewal of vows ceremony at Casa Loma. This time round though, they wanted to represent their family unit by including the children.

Children Photos at Casa Loma

Photos at Casa Loma

If you have ever been to the fairytale-like castle, you will know how stunning the location is. It is one of those spaces that literally takes your breath away. The grounds and gardens are gorgeous and it offers equally stunning interiors too. Choosing to renew your vows is such a breath of fresh air and there are no time constraints. So, you can plan everything out and make sure it’s perfect.

Casa Loma Photo

These Casa Loma photos will make you think you stepped into a fairytale

Renewal of the Vows at Casa Loma

We started our day inside the stunning on-site chapel. It’s jaw-dropping with high domed ceilings and features stained glass and oversized windows. Understandably, it is a beautiful backdrop as well as an amazing amount of natural light. The light and airy feel combined with symmetrical layouts offer the perfect contrast to the darker wooden paneled library where we went next.

Renewal of the Vows Photos at Casa Loma

Kids Photography at Casa Loma

Children Photography at Casa Loma

Family Photos at Casa Loma

One of my favourite photographs from this session was in a location that I stumbled across by chance. It featured floor to ceiling windows and drapes. Due to the position of the sun, the three children could be silhouetted against the backdrop. First, I positioned them holding hands and loved how the little girl turned to her big brother. Their difference in heights and characteristics of that age will be freeze-framed forever in this magical shot as they celebrate their parents vows. After bringing everyone in for some shots of the parents as the children looked on, we headed outside to make the most of the sunny day that Spring had graced us with.

Family Photographer at Casa Loma

Family Photographers at Casa Loma

Top Family Photographer for Casa Loma

Although Casa Loma is an amazing location and it never loses it’s magic, it also attracts huge crowds! It’s one of the harder places to set up my shots. Trying to avoid or hide out multiple people in the background takes away from a cleaner and more thought out set up. However, the castle’s stonework and turrets are just so grand and majestic. Truly, the family looked like they had stepped out of a fairytale.

Casa Loma Family Photo

This family renewed their vows at the most magical place in Toronto with their Casa Loma photos

Brides at Casa Loma

Bride at Casa Loma

Bride photo at Casa Loma

The textures and lines of the exterior along with the fountains and bright blue sky all popped to create some really impactful compositions.

Wedding Photographer for Casa Loma

Wedding Photographers for Casa Loma

Being Spring, it was a risky move using such a location. If the weather had been against us, it would have been a shame to not be able to feature the grounds and exteriors. On the other hand, The saving grace is that they are blessed with a wide variety of interesting, rich interiors. However, it is something to bear in mind when choosing a location.

Spring Photos at Casa Loma

Guelph Family Photographer

Guelph Children Photographer

Casa Loma Children Photography

Family photos at Casa Loma in Toronto

Melody and the family were blessed that everything fell into place that day. Their magical Casa Loma photos and their memories will be something to treasure forever!

Top Wedding Photographer for Casa Loma

Casa Loma Wedding Photos

Casa Loma Photos in Spring

Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2019 DA Photography
Photo Session Location: Casa Loma, Toronto, ON
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