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A while back we covered the fun, destination photo shoot I did with Aneidah and Anson in Ottawa. It was a great adventure traveling through the city, taking photos with the skyline in the background and the couple in their Jaguar. You might think, “Dragi, this is a lovely wedding story, why are you so focused on the car?” Well, this is where Aneidah and Anson’s story begins. Aneidah and Anson have been together for quite some time. When Aneidah went to school in Ottawa, Anson told her he wanted to move there with her. She was unsure about that since he didn’t have a job lined up, but Anson insisted he could work selling cars… and he did! And here is where the Jaguar enters…
Traditional Islamic Indian Wedding - Wedding photographer
In a traditional Indian wedding, the bride and grooms’s families meet outside the place of the ceremony, to make acquaintances and exchange gifts and garland necklaces. This procession is referred to as a baraat that is common in North India. Traditionally, the especially close family members arrive by horse or even elephant. However, to stay true to Aneidah and Anson’s history as a couple, both families met outside the ceremony location in Jaguars!
Bridal room prior to her dress up -Indian engagement photographerBehind the scene of cinematography during photo session - Indian Wedding photographerThe Bride - Indian Wedding photographerThe Bride getting ready - Indian Wedding photographer
In both the Indian and Islamic backgrounds the wedding day begins very early in the morning at 7am to ensure all traditions and customs are complete before the actual ceremony begins. In Indian weddings it’s common to celebrate the ceremonial first day at the location and the second day in a reception hall. Aneidah and Anson opted for using the reception hall for their entire wedding. Destiny Banquet Hall in Mississauga served as a beautiful backdrop for the celebration of such a wonderful couple.
The Groom getting ready - Indian Wedding photographerAt her door steps, early morning - Indian Wedding photographerWaiting for the bridal party - Indian photographerRing boys - Indian ceremony photographer
After the wedding ceremony, when the couple was introduced to their guests, a couple of young boys from the wedding party announced the arrival of the couple. The boys made their entrance driving a kiddie-sized Cadillac and loved every minute of their important job!
Time for us - Indian Wedding photographerSession at McMichael Art Gallery - Indian Wedding photographer
It was a pleasure taking in and documenting the various textures and colours of Aneidah and Anson’s wedding. The gorgeous beads and jewels on her traditional wedding dress and the colours textures on the wedding party’s clothes were magnificent! It made photographing their wedding even more fun because I wanted to capture as many details as I possibly could.
Unique entrance of the boys in the bridal party at wedding reception - Indian Wedding photographerThe wedding cake top - Indian Wedding photographer
Just as we did during their engagement photo shoot, we ended the evening taking photos using the wedding gift that Anson gave Aneidah – a new Jaguar. The romance in an evening photo shoot makes the day complete and gives the bride and groom an opportunity to reflect on the celebration. You can see the expression of love from their families has made such a great impression on the couple. There is a feeling of serenity in the last image of the day.

Nighttime portrait Session - Indian Wedding photographer

“Like you’re trying to fight gravity on a planet that insists that love is like falling and falling is like this”  ~ Ani Difranco’s Falling Is Like This
Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2014 DA Photography
Wedding Reception and Ceremony Location: Destiny Banquet Hall, Mississauga, ON
Photo session on location: McMichael Canadian Art Gallery, Vaughan, ON



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