What is the benefit of capturing early fall photos in Brampton rather than waiting? | Heart Lake Conservation, Brampton, ON

In our fast paced lives it’s easy to get caught up with our immediate responsibilities and neglect those around us. Grandparents often face the brunt of this, but we don’t realize until unfortunately it’s too late. Sonya’s fall photos in Brampton highlight why it’s important to take some time out of our busy schedules to

This 1st birthday portrait highlights the benefits of using outdoor locations for little ones | Heart Lake Conservation Area, Brampton, ON

I have been lucky enough to see Kerry’s family growing over the last few years and document these milestones. I met the family when I shot her son’s newborn photoshoot. Fast forward a couple of years and I got to do it all again, this time with her daughter Isla. Now that we had started

Heart Lake Conservation Family Photographer | The perfect outdoor photo location is closer than you think | Brampton, ON

After searching for a Heart Lake Conservation family photographer who was familiar with the location, Daniella stumbled across my blog. At the time we were both based in Brampton so were able to organize a family photo session with a fast turnaround time. Incorporating your pet into your outdoor family photo sessions Daniella made sure