Age didn’t stop this grandpa from joining in the fun outdoors during these spring photos | Brampton, ON

Jennifer had her heart set on presenting her loved ones with a family portrait session. She knew it was important for them all to have memories and images to treasure. She had envisioned an outdoor location, but when the weather wasn’t cooperating, we had to rethink our Fall plans. By remaining flexible and not settling,

What is the benefit of capturing early fall photos in Brampton rather than waiting? | Heart Lake Conservation, Brampton, ON

In our fast paced lives it’s easy to get caught up with our immediate responsibilities and neglect those around us. Grandparents often face the brunt of this, but we don’t realize until unfortunately it’s too late. Sonya’s fall photos in Brampton highlight why it’s important to take some time out of our busy schedules to

Tim Thomson and Family – Featuring Grandparents

Grandparents are always hounding us for portraits of the grandkids and yet, majority of the time they don’t think to include themselves in the photos. However, it is especially important to include all our loved ones in family portraits, including you Nana and Poppa!  Our kids love spending time with you and want to remember their grandparents