This Muskoka fall engagement shoot showcases the beauty of Ontario

When you have the option of a Muskoka fall engagement photoshoot, any other suggestion pales in comparison. Celeste and Steve were lucky enough to utilize their family cottage which was situated right on the lake.

Muskoka Fall Engagement Photographer

I had photographed Leanne & Geoff, Celeste’s sister’s engagement shoot and their wedding, so she was already familiar with my work and style. The hardest part was trying to find a date in the fall that would be able to showcase the natural beauty Muskoka has to offer. Steve is a professional chef and travels a lot for work. His availability was extremely limited, so I rejigged some other commitments to travel up to their private property.

Muskoka Fall Engagement Photographers

Muskoka Fall Engagement Photo

We first started out on the deck where we took in the amazing view. I wanted to capture the vastness of the lake and loved the autumnal coloured leaves that I could frame my image with. The addition of the monogramed mugs were a cute prop without looking tacky.

Muskoka Fall Engagement Photos

Fall Engagements in Muskoka

Fall Engagement in Muskoka

Muskoka Engagement Photos

The beauty of a Muskoka fall engagement shoot

I started the shoot at the end of the day so I could make the most of the varying light before twilight and sunset occurred. Belley, their dog, was initially very curious of me and my equipment. Once he had sussed me out, we headed to the woods where my goal was to highlight the depth of the property and grounds. I achieved this by using the stairs as a focal point. These allowed the audience to see how low down the cottage was and I accentuated the lake and foliage.

Muskoka Engagement Photo

Best Engagement Picture in Muskoka

Best Engagement Pictures in Muskoka

When we were in the thick of the woods, I found a perfect flame coloured leaf. I knew it would look fantastic as a ring bed. I always make sure to take a closeup of the engagement ring against something from nature that connects the location. The bright colours and simplicity of the leaf worked in great contrast against the design and sparkles of the diamonds.

Best Fall Engagement Photographer

Best Fall Engagement Photographers

Best Fall Engagement Photographers in Muskoka

Engagement Ring in Fall

One of the beautiful things about this tranquil Muskoka location was how distanced you seemed from everyone. At times Celeste and Steve would forget I was there, so the looks of love between the two came naturally and were easy to document.

Best Fall Engagement Photographer in Muskoka

Muskoka Fall Engagement Photography

Muskoka Engagement Photography

This lakeside Muskoka fall engagement encompasses all you will ever need out of life

Best Engagements in Gravenhurst

Best Engagement in Gravenhurst

I love the symmetry of the dock boards and how well they balanced the images. They provided a block of texture against the lake and trees, without taking away the attention from my subjects. Belley started to relax, and when he let down his guard, I snapped one of my favourite images of him in the foreground and his ‘parents’ out of focus in the background. This image sums up the dynamics of Belley’s role – all is well if the family are safe.

Best Sunset Engagement in Muskoka

Best Sunset Engagements in Muskoka

Best Sunset Engagement photo in Muskoka

As the sun set, the temperature dipped, so it was the perfect time to bring out the blankets. The symbolic large Muskoka chairs offered the perfect place for the two of them to snuggle up on.

Fall Engagement Photos in Gravenhurst

Fall Engagement Photos by the lake in Gravenhurst

Fall Engagement Photo by the lake in Gravenhurst

Fall Engagement Photo by the lake in Muskoka

Fall Sunset Photo by the lake in Muskoka

As a photographer, it’s so important to be flexible and willing to travel to your client’s destination of choice. When you are presented with a space that is fresh to you, your imagination is the only boundary to limit your creativity. As someone who loves to push my limits, this Muskoka fall engagement offered the perfect spot to unleash my ideas.

Fall Sunset Photos by the lake in Muskoka

Muskoka photo at sunset

Muskoka Photos at Sunset

Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2018 DA Photography
Photography Location: Gravenhurst, Muskoka, Ontario
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