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Amarendra had been on the radar for a couple of years before I took these gorgeous cherry blossom photos in High Park, Toronto. He had been following my work and commenting on my social media posts. However, he was not yet ready to invest in a family photo session for himself. Amarendra was determined to save and get the family photo session of their dreams instead of settling for another alternative. With this in mind, we reconnected over the winter and set up a plan of action.

Cherry blossom photos at High Park

Amarendra is a fantastic family-oriented father who would do anything for his family. I knew how much this session meant to them. Most importantly, I wanted to make sure I really listened to what they wanted out of it. He had his heart set on the stunning cherry blossoms at High Park, which are very time sensitive. Because they only bloom for such a short period of time, the crowds and level of traffic the location generates are insane.

Cherry blossom photos in Toronto

Cherry blossom photo in Toronto

Family Photographers at High Park

To help get the most out of the backdrops I had suggested we go on a weekday morning. This way it would not be as busy and there would be more photo opportunities. It still took 2 hours to get into the park and to the right spot, which showed just how popular a location this was.

Children Photography at High Park

High Park Children Photographer

High Park Children Photography

These High Park cherry blossom photos represented more than a picture perfect backdrop

Their little girl arrived and was very visibly upset. As a father to my own two young children, I could instantly see that in order to get the best out of their session and get her to cooperate, I would have to win her trust. Her mother and father were fantastic as played with her, coaxing out her happy-go-lucky side. I know how stressful it can be when you are depending on your child to cooperate and they are being miserable and grumpy. It can be hard to stay cool headed in the moment, but they were paramount in turning her mood around.

Children Photographer in Toronto

Children Photographers in Toronto

Toronto Children Photographers

High Park Children Photographers

Whilst they played, I hung back and adopted a journalistic style coverage and shot from afar. Not wanting to intrude on their personal space, I allowed them to take in the crowds and their surroundings. It was incredible to watch the patience they both had. Interacting as they were, I was still able to document their relationship for them to cherish through a series of portraits. Slowly, we started to see the little girl smile and break down her barriers. Then, we were able to get the images that I knew meant so much to Amarendra.

High Park Family Photography

Cherry blossom Photos in Spring

Spring Cherry blossom Photos

Spring Cherry blossom Photo

Little girl upstages the High Park cherry blossoms

High Park Family Photographer

The daughter had such a radiant smile and inquisitive nature. This was the perfect representation of the innocence of that chapter of her life. The delicate soft pink hue of the blossoms and the smooth branches of the tree offset nicely as a picture perfect backdrop. You can see the hoards of crowds in the background of a couple of the images. I was glad that I was able to position them in such a way that I could get some portraits that didn’t showcase the thousands of other people trying to take selfies. As the time wore on, the little girl’s attention began to fade. I suggested that we captured some images of them as a couple. Often in a family session we focus on the children. However, I wanted to offer them a reminder of the epicentre of their little unit.

Cherry blossom photos

Cherry blossom photo

High Park Cherry blossom photos

High Park Cherry blossom photo

How we fought the crowds to get these High Park cherry blossom photos

Cherry blossom locations in Toronto

Cherry blossom location in Toronto

I was deeply touched by Amarendra’s dedication of wanting the best for his family, no matter if it meant sacrificing and waiting. Their patience worked wonders in turning around the situation with their daughter. It all paid off as they I was able to present them their long awaited cherry blossom photos.

Best Cherry blossom locations in Toronto

Best Cherry blossom locations at High Park

Spring Photos by Magnolia tree at High Park

After navigating the crowds for the cherry blossoms at High Park, I feel I am able to offer some advice to future clients looking for this experience. Similarly, magnolias are a beautiful flowered trees for a photo backdrop. They offer a very similar even better look with the same delicate hues of pink, but without being limited to one particular location. (Fun fact: All the traffic at High Park is for the cherry blossoms. However  the most photographed location within the park is the one gorgeous magnolia tree.)

Lifestyle Family Photography at High Park

Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2019 DA Photography
Photo Session Location: High Park, Toronto, ON
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