Why Albion Falls engagement session in worth the challenge | Hamilton, ON

Claire and Gary knew they wanted something out of the box, so they accepted the challenge and we decided upon photographing their Albion Falls engagement.

Albion Falls Engagement Photographer

Having photograph at the location the previous year for Julie & Gianni’s engagement, I had the advantage of being familiar with the access points. Albion Falls offers amazing photographic potential but I advised Claire and Gary to bring a good pair of hiking shoes and be willing to trek.

Albion Falls Engagement Photographers

Albion Falls Engagement Photography

If you are up for a challenge then an Albion Falls engagement photo session will yield amazing photos.

The trek paid off as we managed to set ourselves up right at the base of the falls. It looked stunning against the fall colours of the surrounding trees. Albion Falls is a unique location due to it being virtually hidden and off the beaten track. Therefore, if you go during the week it is desolate which is perfect for taking photos.

Best Photographers for Albion Falls Engagement

Best Photographer for Albion Falls Engagements

My favourite time of day to photograph there is early morning as the sun lights up all of the falls. During the day you’re working against shadows, and being surrounded by water, it is a tricky area to work in.

Photographer for Albion Falls Engagement

Clair and Gary like 95% of my other clients had never done a professional photo session. The beginning was mainly trial and error as they were naturally nervous. I spent time making them comfortable in front of the camera together and as the photoshoot progressed, they relaxed and we saw their personalities coming out.

Photographers for Albion Falls Engagement

Hamilton Engagement Photographer

Hamilton Engagement Photographers

Erika, my lighting assistant was a godsend for this session. The challenging nature of the location meant an extra set of hands was crucial.

Albion Falls in Hamilton Engagement Pictures

The challenges of an Albion Falls engagement and why it was worth it.

Albion Falls Engagement Pictures

With so many textures and colours surrounding us, the depth in the composition of the photos really popped. Large rocks jutting out from the water contrasted against the delicate fiery coloured leaves floating past.

Best Engagement Photography in Hamilton

Engagement Photos at Albion Falls in Hamilton


Cascading water falling with ferocious force stimulates so many senses. It’s hard not to be blown away with how incredible Mother Nature can be.

Engagement Photo Location In Hamilton

Engagement Photo Locations In Hamilton

Best Hamilton Engagement Location

The leaves with their oranges, yellows and reds really made a simplistic but stunning backdrop to showcase the engagement ring.

Engagement Ring at Albion Falls

Fall Photo Session at Albion Falls

A fitting way to end their Albion Falls engagement photo session was by utilizing a heart shaped leaf we found. I decided to slip Claire’s ring over the edge and have the two of them in the background kissing. It symbolises love and unity and ties in nicely to the theme of being in amongst nature.

Bride and Groom to be at Albion Falls in Hamilton

The moral of this photo session was that hard work pays off. Although it was a challenge to access the location, by investing some time and effort, the results spoke for themselves.

Photograph of Engagement in Albion Falls

Pictures of Engagement at Albion Falls in Hamilton

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Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2018 DA Photography
Lighting assistant: Erika Alvarenga
Photography Location: Albion Falls, Hamilton, ON
Creek: Red Hill Creek Creek
Property: King’s Forest Park, Hamilton, ON | check this wedding photographed at King’s Forest Park

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