Why winter church wedding is growing in popularity | Burlington, ON

Alexandrea and Mike knew they wanted something traditional yet unconventional, which is when they decided to have a winter church wedding. Rich colour themes, furs, the possibility of snow or frost along with reasonable price point’s offer alluring benefits.

Winter Wedding in Burlington

Summer has always been the hot spot (pun totally intended) for weddings as you stand better chances of good weather. Next is fall, where gorgeous autumnal colours offer a great backdrop for wedding photography. Winter however has only recently been making waves in its popularity as a valid season for weddings.

We started our morning at Alex & Michael’s place where he was getting ready with his groomsmen. Mike was so welcoming and for a bit of fun, added some funky socks to wear under his suit. Humour always helps alleviate any pre wedding jitters so it was a cute touch.

Groom at LaSalle Park Banquet Center

Groomsman's in Burlington

Groom in Burlington

Groom with groomsman's on a winter wedding

Winter church wedding… if you’re in the know, then you know the scoop

Groom in a Winter wedding in Burlington

After that I headed to Alex’s parents’ house where the girls were busy preparing themselves for the big day. The bridesmaids were in stunning rich coloured floor length dresses with furry stoles to keep them warm. The stark contrast in colours to the delicate detailing of Alex’s white wedding dress offset beautifully.

Bride in Burlington

Bride at Lasalle Park Banquet Center

Bride at Lasalle Park Banquet Center in Burlington

Wedding details Photography

Bride's flowers on a wedding day

Bridesmaids portrait in Burlington

Sentiment is everything and there was a very endearing moment as Alex reread the first book Mike had given her. They also both presented their parents with heartfelt books which were well received.

Wedding Photography in Burlington

Wedding Photographers in Burlington

Wedding Photographer in Burlington

We headed to St Luke’s church in Burlington which was a picturesque little white chapel featuring stain glassed windows.

Winter Church Wedding

The difference in colours and textures alongside the huge wooden beams made for some breathtaking imagery.

Bride at Winter Church Wedding

Bride and Groom at Winter Church Wedding

Bride and Groom at Winter Church Wedding in Burlington

I love how the textures really pop when viewed as a black and white image.

Best Photographer for Winter church wedding

Best Photographers for Winter church wedding

Top Wedding Photographers in Burlington

The amazing thing about a small wedding chapel is its ability to feel cozy and intimate. It feels like it’s enveloping everyone in attendance in its arms. Choosing a church with character also allows for so many different aspects to photograph.   That way you are not tied to weather dependant outdoor images.

St. Luke Church Wedding Photographers in Burlington

St. Luke Church Wedding Photographer in Burlington

Bridal party on a winter church wedding

Bridal parties on a winter church wedding

Bridal parties on a winter church weddings

Ditch the sun and sweat and consider a winter church wedding if you want to stand out from the crowds

Church Wedding Photography in Burlington

Top Photographer for St. Luke Church Wedding

One piece of advice I always give to clients is to visit your location a year ahead of time to give you an idea of what to expect. A classic example of this for this wedding was knowing that the sunset would be at around 3.30pm. This inside knowledge meant we could plan a timeline with what outdoor shots we needed due to daylight hour limitations.

Top Photographers for St. Luke Church Wedding

Top Photographers for St. Luke Church Weddings

Best Winter Church Wedding in Burlington

We headed outside to utilize the short amount of time we had before the sun started to set. I started with some group shots of the wedding party before focusing on my wedding couple.

Groom and Bride at Lasalle Park

Sunset wedding photo of a bride and groom at LaSalle park

Sunset pictures of a bride and groom at LaSalle park

The reception, which took place at Geraldo’s at La Salle Park and Marina, was a quaint venue close to the church.

Wedding rings at Lasalle Park Banquet Center in Burlington

Wedding rings at Lasalle Park Banquet Center

Sweet Table on a wedding event at Lasalle Park Banquet Center

Lasalle Park Banquet Center Reception

Lasalle Park Banquet Center Wedding Reception Photos

Wedding Couple at Lasalle Park Banquet Center Wedding Reception

Alexandrea, who had been adopted, set the emotional bar high when she took her first dance with her father. I captured an image of her mother watching with such joy and pride as her father embraced her on the dance floor.

Top Wedding venue in Burlington

Best Wedding venues in Burlington

As the party gathered momentum inside, I snuck outside with Alex and Mike for some of my signature poses. The beautiful added touch was the gleam of frost that was starting to set on the grass underfoot.

Ballroom Wedding at LaSalle Park and Marina

NightTime Wedding photography at LaSalle Park and Marina in Burlington

This winter church wedding was dear to me as it showcased such a close knit family bond. I look forward to following their life journey as husband and wife.

Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2018 DA Photography
2nd Photographer and Lighting assistant: Jacquie Dudley
Photo Booth: DA Photography
Wedding  Ceremony: The Parish Church of St Luke in Burlington, ON
Photography Locations: LaSalle Park and Marina, Burlington, ON
If you like to check it out Alex and Mike’s engagement photo session is featured in this blog post.

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