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Stephanie and Constantin’s engagement party was over the top, billowing with extravagance and just plain fun. No corner was cut, no bow left untied in the preparation for this event. The beauty is in the details and Stephanie and Constantin wanted to provide an unforgettable night of love and romance for their close family and friends. They did just that!
The fun of engagement session - wedding photographer
From the outset I knew right away who was in charge of this party – Stephanie. She has a keen sense of fashion and an appreciation for high-quality things, which you can see in every detail from her engagement party dress and accessories  to the 3-tiered blush pink and white cake with crystal pendants. Stephanie was in her element on the day of the party, looking gorgeous and eloquent and ending the evening by dancing like a pro!
The Look from the bridal suite - wedding photographerOur Engagement Place - wedding photographerThe Cake - wedding photographerEngagement details - wedding photographer
Constantine abides by the old statement, “A happy wife makes for a happy life”. He was more than happy to sit back and let Stephanie take the reigns on their unforgettable event. Stephanie and Constantin met on a blind date. The two hit it off immediately during the date yet, somehow they knew they weren’t ready for a relationship at the time. Serendipitously they meet up years later by chance at an event at the Rogers Center in Toronto. This time they were both ready and they dated for another couple of years before Constantin proposed on Orthodox Easter. The proposal was a complete surprise for the whole family and the couple was able to celebrate properly with their loved ones. Stephanie and Constantin seem to be living in sync, not competing for attention from one another. In love and blissful.
The Groom to-be - Engagement - wedding photographerThe bride to be silhouette - Engagement - wedding photographerThe bride to be reflection in the mirror - Engagement - wedding photographerOur first Look - Engagement - wedding photographer
The venue Stephanie chose for their engagement party was great for exploring my creativity and ability to use multiple levels of the venue to shoot from. The fieldstone on the 29-room Graydon Hall Manor in downtown Toronto made an interesting background for various images. Combined with the right lighting, we were able to capture the romance that was abundantly  flowing throughout the entire evening.
Time for photo session - Engagement - wedding photographerThe perfect light and us - Engagement - wedding photographerAt our location- Engagement - wedding photographer
Sometimes it’s not just the stars that align for the couple, it’s serendipity for my photography too. Not all photos are staged or posed and that’s the beauty that is photojournalism. I took to the outdoors to get a glimpse from the outside looking in on the engagement party at sun-set. The lights in the reception hall are lined up symmetrically within the window panes. It’s hard to see but, underneath the light on the left, on the soon-to-be groom’s side, sits his father. Underneath the light on the right side, on the soon-to-be bride’s side, sits her mother. Everything is aligned! Yes, this is an example of the perfectionism and attention to detail that you might find in many photographers. Perhaps our common attention to details is why I was able to hit it off immediately with Stephanie and Constantin during our first meeting!
The look behind the flowers - Engagement - wedding photographerBeautiful Engagement Cake -  wedding photographerThe waiters and our drinks -  wedding photographerThe bride to-be with her grand mom -  wedding photographer
“I want the concentration and the romance, and the worlds all glued together, fused, glowing: have no time to waste any more on prose.” ~ Virginia Woolf
Sunset behind closed doors - engagement photographerOur sweet desert  - engagement photographerThe beauty of real engagement party - engagement photographerThe engagement party through the window - engagement photographerOur Nighttime Session - engagement photographer
Photos taken by Dragi Andovski
Assistant photography: Jacquie Dudley




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