Tara Boyle’s Family Portrait Session by DA Photography at Bronte Park, Oakville, ON

Parents are the heart of the family and children are the soul inside it. The photo session Tara set up for her family demonstrates this in a beautiful way. Memories are a sacred entity for many families as they capture the essence of the best of their loved ones and freeze in time, the things they cherish most about their family. It was easy to see that Tara and her husband were reserved during the photo shoot. Photographers often see this as a daunting task to overcome, but I see it as the opportunity to witness the love contained within, evolve before your eyes, into the natural ebb and flow of emotion that permeates their everyday experiences. It is often the case that upon seeing this evolution, you understand why they wanted to capture these beautiful memories while also watching the once careful gaze of the parents, break into smiles filled with ease.

Locations like Bronte Park that offer a multitude of activities for the children create wonderful photo opportunities that bring out the life of the subjects in the photo, as it did for the Boyle’s children. Stumbling upon a petting zoo is one of the greatest things that can happen for a young child, which is also a great thing for me as their photographer.

Many photographers feel more comfortable within a time limitation, to push their creativity to new heights but this photo session saw me setting time by the wayside and let creativity take the lead behind the lens. The results did not disappoint and I would love to get the chance to photograph this beautiful family again.

Photos taken October 13th, 2012 by Dragi Andovski, published at ©DA Photography.

Location: Bronte Creek Provincial Park, Oakville, ON



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