Waiting for the perfect snowstorm panned out for this Burlington winter engagement | Burlington, ON

Christina and Thomas knew they wanted a Burlington winter engagement. Finding that perfect snowy day proved challenging. In fact, it almost never happened as we were plagued with either bad weather conditions, extreme temperatures or poor lighting. Finally, in April, I saw that we were due one last snowstorm and the forecast was for sun

Debbie McDowell’s Family Portrait Session at Paletta Lakefront Park and Mansion, Burlington, ON

Photo sessions with families and toddlers provide rich settings for learning not just about photography, but of how self-reliant children are. Stepping out into the world is not just a way of seeing what a child does, it is literally something they do every day and the manner in which they do it with fresh

Dave Colbert’s Family Portrait Session at Paletta Lakefront Park & Mansion, Burlington, ON

Fall portrait sessions lend themselves to gorgeous scenery and are sometimes at the will of the weather of the season. This can bring about unique challenges for a photographer but a wealth of experience lends itself to the consistent capturing of the beauty of family regardless of the weather. They were eager for the session