Dave Colbert’s Family Portrait Session at Paletta Lakefront Park & Mansion, Burlington, ON

Fall portrait sessions lend themselves to gorgeous scenery and are sometimes at the will of the weather of the season. This can bring about unique challenges for a photographer but a wealth of experience lends itself to the consistent capturing of the beauty of family regardless of the weather. They were eager for the session

Chris Milborrow’s Family & New Born Portrait Session by DA Photography, Oakville, ON

This photo shoot was booked while the mother of little Sofia was still in the hospital. Any new mother is likely to be concerned with the ins and outs of the experiences their baby will go through and though it took some time before her mother Darline relaxed, she did and the love she has

Baby Aaryan, Newborn Portrait Session by DA Photography in Burlington, ON

Children are a magic unto themselves. Photo sessions with them capture all the innocence and wonder with which they greet the world. This baby in particular, was exceptionally peaceful and played along with all the props we used in the session, helping this little one traverse the landscapes of the world from the comforts of home.