Rajbinder Gill’s Family Portrait Session at Chinguacousy Park, Brampton, ON

There are photo shoots planned well in advance of their taking place while others are swiftly booked and take place in the same week. That was the case for the Gill’s family. Every element of the photo session went smoothly and upon going into the greenhouse at our location, we got pictures that looked like it was the middle of summer more than October, which made for some brilliant memories.

Indian Coupe Portrait, Landscape Theme

Indian Couple PortraitIndian Family Portrait

Having the opportunity to photograph a family with older siblings is great for creating strong dynamics in photos, as their personality reflects more life experience and depth. It also gives photographers the chance to capture a few secrets about the mischief had, whispers of stories shared and the strength of the bonds forged in the vibrancy of experiences only a tight-knit family know.

High School Senior PhotographyIndian FamilyIndian Couple Portrait, Fall SceneTeens Portrait by the lake

The clothing choices of a client are always interesting because they reflect such a strong part of the personality of the family and individuals in it. This family had a great variety of colors that reflected the joy they shared in spending time together and the loving playfulness that emanated from the way they interacted with one another during the session. When on location for a photo shoot, it’s a sort of dream for the photographer to find a setting that reflects multiple seasons and gives the family at hand a true variety from which to choose. Making our way through Chinguacousy Park, we found that mixture of settings breathed wonderful life into the pictures taken.

Teens PhotographyIndian Family Casual outdoor Portrait

Photos taken October 07th, 2012 by Dragi Andovski, published at ©DA Photography.



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