This stunning Georgetown wedding shows how to honour tradition with modern coverage | Georgetown, ON

I know I shouldn’t have favourites, but this Georgetown wedding was definitely one of my favourites to shoot in 2017. I featured one of the images on a 10×10 ft backdrop in my booth set up, as the bride’s confidence and presence was astounding.

Georgetown Wedding Photographer

Georgetown Wedding Photographers

Bride and Groom in Norval

I initially met Ivana at one of the bridal shows and we immediately clicked. She had a very strong vision of what she wanted out of her wedding photography, which was to capture the traditional elements with modern coverage. After a series of meetings, she felt confident I could document the Croatian customs without jeopardising my style of photography.

Bride in Georgetown Wedding

Top Wedding Photographers in Norval

Top Wedding Photographer in Georgetown

Top Wedding Photographers in Georgetown

Top Wedding Photographer in Norval

Best Wedding Dress in Toronto

We started our day by following the bride and groom at their respective parents houses as they began their preparations. There were so many beautiful details to Ivana and Mike’s accessories that I decided to showcase them in a flat lay style. Her dress was one of the most intricately detailed gowns I have ever had the pleasure of shooting. It was designed and made by multiple designers in Croatia for the wedding. Once it was on, you could see the incredible workmanship and skill behind executing the one-off design.

Wedding Ring In Guelph

Wedding Ring In Georgetown

Georgetown Wedding Details

Georgetown Wedding Photos

Groom getting ready details

Groom's bow tie

Groom getting ready

Bride getting ready

If you have ever dreamt of having multiple designers hand make your dress, then you need to check out this Georgetown wedding.

Bride getting ready in Georgetown

Bride with maid of honour

Georgetown wedding photographs

Georgetown wedding photograph

Groom in Norval

Grooms in Georgetown

Groom with his mom on a wedding day

Groomsman's in Georgetown

Ivana’s sister and mother were there in equally detailed dresses which complimented the wedding gown without competing for attention. The family had such a natural presence in front of the camera which led to very natural looking images. It was important to capture the closeness of Ivana and her family, and these portraits really encapsulated their emotional connection. When I shot the first look between Ivana and her father, it was evident how choked up they both were.

Wedding Dresses in Georgetown

Brides in Georgetown

Family joy on a wedding day

Bride on a wedding day

Bride with her mom in Georgetown Wedding

Bride with her mom in Georgetown Weddings

Bride with mom wedding Portrait

Bride with mom wedding Portraits

Bride with maid of honour portrait

Wedding day first look

Father daughter first look

Georgetown Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography in Georgetown

Croatian ceremonies are full of fast paced traditions, so I made sure to capture these in a photojournalistic style. This allowed me to shoot in a modern, in the moment feel, and have some fun playing with perspectives for this Georgetown wedding.

Wedding Photography in Norval

Bridesmaid with ring bearer

Croatian Wedding in Georgetown

Flower girl in a fall wedding

Croatian Wedding Tradition in Georgetown

Groom in Georgetown wedding

Wedding Portrait in Georgetown

Grandfather on a Croatian wedding

Croatian Wedding Traditions in Georgetown

The ceremony was held in the picturesque Kraljica Mira Croatian church which was reminiscent of a fairy-tale castle. It was easily one of my favourite churches to photograph in Canada as it had such an abundance of light and clean lines. Thinking outside of the box can result in some really creative and well-balanced shots. I made the most of the highly reflective floor to capture the mirror like image.

Norval Church Wedding

Church Weddings in Goeorgetown

Church Wedding in Goeorgetown

Best Georgetown Church Wedding Location

Norval Church Weddings

Church Weddings in Norval

Church Wedding in Norval

Croatian Wedding Ceremony

Best Norval Church Wedding Location

How does a fairy-tale castle, a custom hand made dress and cowboy boots tie together? Delve in as we uncover this amazing Georgetown wedding.

Wedding Family Portraits

Family Portrait on a wedding day

Wedding Family Portrait

Ring bearer on a Georgetown wedding

Croatian Bridal party

Fun Bridal Party Photos

Bridesmaids in Norval

Groomsman's at Kraljica Mira Church

Once outside, we got our immediate family together for the group shots. The children added a very sweet element to the images, especially when the boy was trying to make eyes with the flower girl, whilst she was intrigued with my camera. Framing your composition makes such a difference and using the barn boards and greenery added both colour and texture.

Flower girl and Ring bearer on a wedding day

Bridal Party and Kraljica Mira

Bride and Groom ay Kraljica Mira Church

Barn wedding in Georgetown

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We moved onto St Joseph’s Banquet & Conference Centre in Oakville for the reception, and the party started instantly.

Wedding Cake at St Joseph’s Banquet & Conference Centre

St Joseph’s Banquet & Conference Centre Wedding Photographer

St Joseph’s Banquet & Conference Centre Wedding Photographers

St Joseph’s Banquet & Conference Centre Wedding Photography

St Joseph’s Banquet & Conference Centre Wedding Photos

St Joseph’s Banquet & Conference Centre Wedding Photo

Mike’s love of country music was honoured as they both switched to cowboy boots and the children wore cowboy hats. The first dances between the couple and then with their parents showcased the love present in the room, and the minimalistic naked cake was a big hit.

Croatian Wedding at St Joseph’s Banquet & Conference Centre

Wedding Reception at St Joseph’s Banquet & Conference Centre

Wedding Receptions at St Joseph’s Banquet & Conference Centre

Wedding Venues in Oakville

Wedding Venue in Oakville

Ivana and Mike’s wedding showed how it is possible to honour your heritage whilst documenting it with modern coverage. This style of honouring tradition is prevalent for the millennials who still want something up to date, and this Georgetown wedding captured the best of both worlds.

Oakville Ballroom Weddings

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St Joseph’s Banquet & Conference Centre Ballroom Weddings

St Joseph’s Banquet & Conference Centre Ballroom Wedding

Best Oakville Reception Venues

Best Reception Venue in Oakville

Oakville Wedding Receptions

St Joseph’s Banquet & Conference Centre Wedding Pictures

I always like to end my shoot by sneaking the wedding couple off to do some of my signature nighttime portraits. There were guests outside, but I still managed to get dramatic silhouettes of them framed symmetrically by the venue.

Top Wedding Photogrpher for St Joseph’s Banquet & Conference Centre

Best Wedding Photogrphers at St Joseph’s Banquet & Conference Centre

Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2018 DA Photography
2nd Photographer + Lighting Assistant: Jacquie Dudley
Photography Locations: Surroundings of Kraljica Mira, Croatian Church, Norval, ON
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Click here if you want to get a sneak peek of Ivana and Mike’s recent maternity photoshoot.


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