Family Local Photographer | Jamee and Rayon | From engagement to marriage to first born!

Calm and Collected
Members of the police force are required to remain in control during high-stress and anxiety ridden situations. Being police officers, both Jamee and her husband Rayon were the epitome of relaxation and contentment during their latest photo shoot with me. Something tells me that when you have a high-stress job working with the public like these two do, a little photo shoot isn’t going to elevate your heart rate in the slightest. In fact, this couple was about as easy-going as they come!

Family joy by the fireplace - Newborn Local Photographer

“The police are the public and the public are the police; the police being only members of the public who are paid to give full attention to duties which are incumbent on every citizen in the interests of community welfare and existence.” ~ Robert Peel

Committed to Creativity
Both Jamee and Rayon were open to suggestion throughout the entire photo shoot, giving me permission to be as creative as I wanted. Sometimes I have to coax moms and dads to see my vision – these parents were committed to doing whatever I asked and allowed me to just “do my thing”. It might help that I have photographed these two before. Maybe it’s easier to release creative control to someone when you have seen their work and been privy to their photography process.

Happy Mom with her newborn - Family Local PhotographerProud Father with his newborn son - Family Local Photographer

Meeting Jamee and Rayon
Jamee, Rayon and I go way back! I have photographed their engagement and their wedding. On the anniversary of my wife’s and my wedding, Jamee and Rayon were married themselves. Since we have a history together and I am their “family” photographer, this photo session was complimentary, on me. My clients are important to me and their loyalty means so much. Waiving a photo session fee is my way of saying thank you. There are many photographers out there and the fact that Jamee and Rayon chose to work with me again is humbling.

Family hug - Family Local PhotographerNewborn baby hold onto his mom finger - Newborn Local PhotographerNewborn baby held by his father as football - Newborn Local Photographer

November Memories
For some reason, Jamee and Rayon like to make important life changes in the month of November. Almost to the day, one year after their wedding, Jamee gave birth to their first born son, Eli! In the same year, they moved to a new home in Guelph. During the photo session I did my best not only to document the birth of their son but, to also take as many photos as I could with their house as the background. That way, Jamee and Rayon are able to look back at their photos and not only remember Eli as a newborn but, to also draw on memories in their new home. There are so many memories yet to come, in years ahead they’ll be happy to look back at their beginning as a new family in a new home.

Leaving room family joy - Family Local PhotographerFamily portrait by the wedding wall portrait display - Family Local Photographer

Easy Baby
The entire photo session with Baby Eli was fantastic! At approximately one week old, babies aren’t usually super-active but, Eli was quiet and sleeping throughout the process. Every time we moved him to a new place or changed his position, he fell asleep. Let’s hope he has the same demeanor during our next photo shoot!

Newborn note on a flowers - Newborn PhotographerNewborn baby portrait - Newborn Local PhotographerNewborn baby portrait while sleeping- Newborn Local PhotographerAfter session Newborn baby portrait - Newborn Local Photographer

Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2014 DA Photography
Location: Rockwood, ON






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