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Our close friend Mona has been a great help to us in many ways. Not only do we enjoy her company and that of her family’s but, she has also been helpful when I had questions starting out in Brampton and she has even referred new clients to me. When Mona distributed her holiday cards last year, her friend Milli was impressed by the image I took of Mona and her family. Milli asked where the image came from and the rest is history. Thank is how I become her corporate photographer.

Professional Head shot Portrait - Corporate Photographer
Corporate Photographer for Friendly Agents

As a real estate agent, Milli knows that fostering relationships with her clients is especially meaningful. She also recognizes the importance of making a good first impression. When potential clients are looking for an agent they feel they can trust, one of the first modes of information gathering is through either an internet search or referrals from friends and family. Having a photo to correspond with your information is a great way to represent an agent’s friendly demeanor.

Real Estate Agent Portrait - Corporate Photographer Real Estate Agent Portrait Spring Theme- Corporate Photographer Real Estate Agent Portrait Formal Profile - Corporate Photographer
Models Need Not Apply

There is always the possibility that potential clients will make their decision to hire Milli as an agent based on the photo she provides on her website and business cards. But, those clients aren’t looking to see a super-model. Models don’t sell homes, intelligent and approachable people do. Buyers and sellers alike are looking for a knowledgeable agent that is easy to talk to and will work hard for the home sale or purchase. You can’t tell how knowledgeable someone is in a photo, but if your credentials line up with a friendly face you’re guaranteed to get that call.

Real Estate Agent Portrait Casual Profile - Corporate Photographer Corporate Portrait Summer Theme - Corporate Photographer Corporate Portrait Summer Theme for Social Meidal Profiles - Corporate Photographer
Communication is Key

Have you ever seen a corporate photographer  that makes the person look rigid and uncomfortable? While you don’t want to see a photo of your potential agent in a bikini in the Dominican, it’s also very telling if the subject in the photo is trying too hard to look professional. Being overdressed for the photo shoot or standing in rigid poses will give this impression. When as a corporate photographer I meet with a business client, the first thing I do is talk business with them. I ask questions like; What do you like most about your job? How do you train new employees? What is the demographic of your clients? I ask anything and everything to get my corporate clients to open up and feel comfortable in my work space. When they start talking shop, there is a gleam in their eyes, a natural smile will surface and… Voila! A perfect image is captured.

Corporate Portrait Business Woman - Corporate Photographer Corporate Portrait Business Woman in Black and White Dress - Corporate Photographer
Seasonal Savvy ideas for corporate photographer

In order to stay in touch with her past clients, Milli issues a once monthly newsletter. At the top of every newsletter she includes a picture of herself. In attempt to maintain a seasonal feel to her newsletters, Milli changed into different outfits during our photo shoot. She had an outfit to coordinate with Fall colours, another for Spring, etc. I think this is a creative and effective approach that will connect with her clients. I also appreciate the effort that goes into preparing ahead of time for the wardrobe changes!

Corporate Portrait Business Woman Fall Theme - Corporate Photographer Corporate Portrait Business Woman Clamp Shells lighting - Corporate PhotographerReal Estate Agent Winter Theme - Corporate Photographer

Milli was a pleasure to work with and I hope my work helps her generate even more clients!

Professional Business Woman - Real Estate Agent Winter Theme - Corporate Photographer

“It’s tangible, it’s solid, it’s beautiful. It’s artistic, from my standpoint, and I just love real estate.” – Donald Trump

Photos taken by Dragi Andovski, published ©2014 DA Photography
Location: DA Photography Studio, Brampton, ON



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