Bree-Anne Dubeau’s Family Portrait Session at Coronation Park, Burlington, ON

The hallmark of autumn is it’s changing ways and as a result, photo shoots can sometimes be unpredictable with what the weather brings. Thankfully, this photo shoot, while on the cooler side, brought an array of rich colors to dot the landscape behind the Dubeau’s family. It certainly makes photographing anything easier, when the setting reflects the brilliance of the family photographed against it.

This growing family saw the toddler camera ready as though he had gone to his own photo shoots before! The smiles, the poses, the looks- he had them down pat. His brother was equally as photogenic, bringing a more inquisitive side to the pictures, experiencing the world in that moment through investigative eyes.

It’s beautiful to see these elements of a child’s personality come bursting through a photograph and make the memory they capture, meaningful and timeless all at once. It was a treat to be on location on a day that was clear enough to get the Toronto cityscape in the background, reflecting the inner urbanite of this family. The cooling October air cleared the fog and smog that the summer left behind in September, giving us the perfect opportunity to capture another side of this family.

Photos taken October 12th, 2012 by Dragi Andovski, published at ©DA Photography.

Location: Coronation Park, Burlington, ON




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