Ajeet & Jasmin’s Engagement Portrait Session in New York City

Engagements are meant to be huge events and we believe that they should all receive the “red carpet” treatment, where the bride and groom-to-be are all treated like movie stars. It was fitting that our engagement session with Ajeet and Jasmin saw DA Photography take flight and land in New York City to capture this stunning couple at all the places around the city which held special meaning for them.

Couple under Brooklyn Bridge, Engagement Session

Grand Central Station, Engagement SessionNew York City, Engagement Session

Their love took us to Battery Park, near where the Ajeet lives and also where we first began easing into what became a great photo session. We pass the Brooklyn Bridge and  then ventured to Grand Central Station which was very busy but it brought out the way they both felt about one another. Shortly afterwards we went to the Rockefeller Centre and moved onwards to Times Square, where their connection really came to life before the camera. Once we arrived at Central Park, Jasmin was stealing the show and bringing Ajeet along with for the ride.

Battery Park, Engagement Portrait SessionUnder Brooklyn Bridge, Engagement Portrait SessionCouple in Love at Grand Central Station, Engagement Portrait SessionTime Square and two in love, Engagement Portrait SessionCentral Park, NYC, Engagement Portrait Session

There are some photo sessions which are destined to be beautiful experiences but on this particular day, the clouds literally parted and it stopped raining while we were shooting, as soon as the beautiful bride-to-be arrived. You might say that she was the sunshine of the day and the light in Ajeet’s eyes.

Two in Love, NYC, Engagement Portrait SessionCentral Park and us, Engagement Portrait SessionGrand Central Station, NYC, Engagement Portrait Session by DA PhotographyCentral Park and two in love, NYC, Engagement Portrait Session by DA Photography

Photos taken June 14th, 2013 by Dragi Andovski, text written by Cheryl Costello, published at ©DA Photography.



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