Creekside Estate Winery Engagement at one of a kind photography location, Jordan, ON

The planning for this Creekside estate Winery engagement began when I initially met Alicia. She came with her fiancé Jeff to one of our wedding shows. They were really drawn to the quality of my work and said how impressed they were with the presentation. They seemed to really love the Italian handmade albums! It

Should you include your family pet in your summer engagement photos? | Burlington, ON

Amee and Balkar knew they had a very short timeframe to execute their summer engagement photos. Their wedding was planned the following month! The beauty of having built up a relationship with them through various friend and family events meant we had an open dialogue and they were familiar with my style. It was really

Brampton family photographer swears by this tip for the best fall photo session

Fiona’s husband had presented his wife with an amazing gift of a family photography session.  With fall quickly approaching, she was eager to start planning. Having worked as a Brampton family photographer for many years, I suggested Heart Lake Conservation Area. Brampton is getting so built up now that it can be hard to escape