Utilizing the best part of the day for these family oriented Gage Park photos | Brampton, ON

When siblings fly the nest and move away it can be hard to stay physically connected without a tremendous amount of effort. Siblings have an undeniable bond though. So, when the Romito family’s three daughters put their heads together, they concocted a plan. Living between Ottawa, Brampton and up north, Tina, Pam and Amy wanted

A dream location with everything under one roof for this Walter Falls wedding photographer| Walter Falls, ON

I met Gio and Sven at a Canada Bridal show and was intrigued to get to know them more. They had a wonderful energy about them that radiated, and as we bounced off each other, our connection deepened. With two young children, meeting in person to discuss plans was tricky. In the end, we finalized

Dressing for summer family photos | Guelph, ON

Dressing for summer family photos? Some may say it’s an easy task. Really, what can be so hard about it? Dress your family up in their Sunday-best and smile for the camera! Well, more often than not I find myself discussing wardrobe options and colour schemes in my pre-session check-ins. There is a definitely a