Wedding Reception at Carmens Banquet Centre
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Wedding Reception at Carmens Banquet Centre

Usually when you think of a head table, you envisage the bride and groom and their wedding party.  This wedding reception at Carmen’s banquet centre thought out of the box with this unique concept.

My wedding couple wanted to ensure that their reception included everyone. They didn’t want the significant others of their wedding parties left sat alone.  Their ethos was that their day was about togetherness so they decided to include the other halves at the headtable.

Carmen’s Banquet Centre is such a versatile and accommodating event space that facilitating their needs didn’t present an issue.  In fact, they love it when guests put a unique stamp on their day. Ultimately, their number one concern is to have happy customers.

This image was taken in a journalistic style, which I feel captures the emotion and buzz at that time vs a staged set up. I made the elegant, crystal candelabra the centre of attention, with the bride and groom visible but out of focus in the background. The wedding party are featured lining the head table on either side in a family style arrangement.  I slowly drew the focus to the foreground allowing for a fun illusion to illustrate the depth of the composition.

Capturing people talking, listening, smiling and unaware of the camera always adds an honest and realistic representation of the event.  With Carmen’s clean, modern look, it offered the perfect backdrop to complement this unique, head table set up. 

Location: 1520 Stone Church Rd E, Hamilton, ON L8W 3P9, Canada.