Wedding Photos at Glen Eagle Golf Club
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Wedding Photos at Glen Eagle Golf Club

The thing I love about this image which was taken from a collection of wedding photos at Glen Eagle Golf Club, is the complexity of the composition.

There are so many things to take in and observe through this single image. By making it black and white it doesn’t seem overly busy. I had this image as the front page of my website for this very reason.  It served in showcasing how an out of the box approach to photography can result is some amazing imagery.

Leanne was just arriving to the location as I noticed the reflection of the sky in the windows of the limo.  The details and unusual shape of the clouds immediately caught my eye. My brain started to whirl thinking what I could do.

As my creative juices flowed, I decided to try to capture Leanne’s father’s first look at his daughter in the reflection. To allow for the natural look of joy and surprise, I decided to not tell either my plan.  As she approached, I asked her to roll down her window as her father was waiting to receive her. The result was this magical shot.

The first thing you see is the profile of an overwhelmed father of the bride and his daughter smiling radiantly.  The second thing you notice are the two smiling guests watching from the balcony above. They look genuinely pleased to have witnessed this sweet and emotional moment.  It isn’t until after you look at the details in the reflection of the window and see the sky and their surroundings that you notice the huge smiling face of the father.

It is always good to push yourself as a photographer.  Images like this one make the efforts worthwhile.

Location: 15731 Regional Road 50, Caledon, ON, L7E 3H9.