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Wedding Photographer in Vaughan

This image is a firm favourite of mine.  I used it for the back cover of my wedding magazine for three years in a row. 

When this couple approached me to be their wedding photographer in Vaughan, we did a site visit to make sure we knew what photographic backdrops would be available to us on the day.

After the ceremony and reception,  the party was underway and in full swing.  I had started to pack up my equipment and noticed this opportunity.  I managed to sneak my wedding couple outside and we did this shot in one take.  The lighting from the moon and the lanterns added a soft glow to the cobbled bridge.  I added an additional light behind them to enhance the contours of the brides face and the silhouette of her hair.  The sleek lines of their bodies and her dress complemented the romantic almost European feel of their surroundings.  The stillness of the night helped their focus to be entirely on each other, landing me this amazing composition.

My favourite detail of this shot is the balance of the light against the darkness of the overall image.  It is always tricky to get perfect lighting at night but I felt proud in the way it illuminated and enhanced the details without overpowering the subjects. 

Location: 7601 Jane Street, Vaughan, ON, L4K 1X2.