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Wedding Photographer in Port Dover

Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life, so when clients approach me with existing children, it’s natural they want them to play a pivotal role in the big day. Pet lovers often have the same concerns and incorporating fur babies are a popular request! When Martha first approached me, she was adamant that she wanted her cat to pose for her and ideally wearing a bow tie. Never one to back down from a challenge, I set forth to make that dream a reality. My wedding couple had chosen to have the photos taken at the family house, so we decided that the bedroom would be an area that would make their cat feel at home and relaxed. If you have ever tried to photograph pets, you’ll know how easily distracted they are, so the challenge was getting him to focus and relax enough to pose. The benefit to being in the bedroom was the vantage point of the trees outside. It just so happened to be a windy day, so the branches swaying helped distract him long enough to get this perfect shot and make Martha’s dream come true. Even though Martha and her fiancé had been primarily looking for a wedding photographer in Port Dover, they were drawn to my style of work and were thrilled with the result.

Location: St George St, Port Dover, ON N0A 1N0, Canada.