Wedding Photographer for Paradise Banquet Hall
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Wedding Photographer for Paradise Banquet Hall

The image of my wedding couple standing underneath the pillars of the Paradise Banquet Hall is one of my all-time favourites.  It offers a complete contrast to the loud festivities of the wedding reception inside, surrounded by family and loved ones.  Therefore this allows you to feel that you have snuck off with the couple for a secret time out.  The raw emotion captured between the wedding couple as they absorb the gravity of the day is flawlessly illuminated under the night sky.

This outdoor area is a bit of a secret as not many people know about it, making it a perfect spot to sneak away to.  It allowed me adequate time to enhance the natural moonlight with some soft ambient lighting that was responsible for the shadows and depth of the picture.

The composition of the image works well because it is so balanced and symmetrical.  Greenery from the shrubs and trees in the grounds gently break up the starkness of the powerful looking columns.  Pillars or columns always add a classy and colonial feel to an image, but the fact it was shot under the moon adds an extra magical element.

The best thing when working on behalf on a client as a wedding photographer for Paradise Banquet Hall is the versatility of the venue.  There are so many different looks attainable there and this outside spot makes for a stunning silhouette which is always a showstopper. 

Location: 7601 Jane Street, Vaughan, ON, L4K 1X2.