Wedding Photo at Glen Eagle Golf Club in Caledon
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Wedding Photo at Glen Eagle Golf Club in Caledon

I love being approached by clients who are looking for a Glen Eagle wedding photographer as it means I get to showcase an amazing location that looks great whatever the season. This particular wedding took place in October so the autumnal colours of Fall were in abundance leading to some jaw dropping scenery. Greenery is always a great contrast against the white of the wedding dress and the blue skies. When you start to get into Fall, the landscape changes drastically and the hues intensify every day. The great mix of colours in this image included the best of both worlds. I featured the greenery on the golf course whilst framing them with the fiery toned trees. The reds, yellows and oranges popped, and even though most of them are out of focus they offer a great contrast. I decided to place the wedding couple at the foreground of the photograph to capture their expressions. The bride is seen leaning into the groom with her eyes closed and her forehead resting against his head. She looks at ease and content with a slight smile on her face like she’s reflecting on her day. The groom is stood directly beside her with his arms on her waist and is staring into the camera smiling. He looks proud and satisfied and the sharp lines of his suit contrast nicely with the soft and natural curvature of the bride’s dress. If you are looking for stunning outdoor scenery then Glen Eagle Golf Course is a strong contender.

Location: 15731 Regional Road 50, Caledon, ON, L7E 3H9.