Wedding at Casa Loma in Toronto
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Wedding at Casa Loma in Toronto

We are spoilt with choice when it comes to wedding locations. It therefore becomes harder and harder to find that next wow factor that hasn’t been overdone.  One key ingredient that seems to always come up as a winning factor is choosing a timeless location vs following a fad.

This wedding at Casa Loma in Toronto was a classic example of how a timeless location will produce breathtaking images. The stunning stained glass roof looked incredible as the early morning sun filtered through.

In this image, I decided to take a step back so I could capture a snapshot of the entire surroundings. By positioning myself in the centre of the room, I was able to create a balanced composition. I centred my couple beneath the ornate stained glass roof but stood back far enough to include the oversized floor to ceiling windows. The abundance of light added a clean and airy feel to the overall picture.

Casa Loma is an excellent and versatile destination if you are looking to recreate timeless images.  From its castle like façade to its historic, lavishly adorned rooms, it oozes class. Their grounds and ability to host on site weddings in this beautiful space ensure your wedding will be the talk of the town.

Location: 1 Austin Terrace, Toronto, ON M5R 1X8, Canada.