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Top Wedding Photographer in Oakville

I love being considered one of the top wedding photographers in Oakville as it generally means I get to shoot in this fantastic city. Being located on the shores of Lake Ontario it offers stunning lakeside locations, upscale indoor venues and private residences as well as an abundance of palatial parks. This particular image was taken on the pier of the harbour in downtown Oakville, a relaxing spot popular for watching the yachts and kayakers. The first thing that jumps out to me about this image is the connection between the bride and groom. Having my couples in a place with meaning helps to relax them and add a layer of comfort. This is an important element to factor in when picking photo shoot locations as most people aren’t comfortable in front of a camera. Both the bride and groom look relaxed, happy and at ease. The momentum of the bride’s dress which was billowing slightly in the wind, really added volume to the image. I decided to place the groom off centre to allow a more candid look and also an unobstructed view of the lighthouse. The red and white of the lighthouse and the yellow of the safety railings were an important element to add interest to the background. I didn’t want it to overtake the picture so I focused on the couple and faded out the rest. This way you have the colours and noise of the surroundings without it taking away from the main feature.

Location: 2340 Ontario Street, Oakville ON, L6L 6P7.