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Top Wedding Photographer in Milton

This image is from a fun celebration I was hired to document as a wedding photographer in Milton. The big excitement of the day was the inclusion of the daughter who was one of the flower girls. As a young child, getting to see her mother dress up in a big wedding dress was a huge event. The sound of her giggles and watching her darting in between her mother’s legs and hiding in her dress bought a smile to the crowds. The beauty of this particular photograph was its candid nature as it followed a game involving the two flower girls playing with the bride and hiding in and out of her wedding gown. She had just closed her dress and finished hugging them when I snapped this image. The adoration and happiness in the daughters face as she looks up into her mother’s eyes shows such a beautiful connection and sense of happiness that I ended up featuring this as the cover of my 2017 wedding magazine. With so many types of weddings coming to the table in this day and age, from blended families, the marriage of a couple already with children and same sex ceremonies, it keeps my photos hoots fresh and unique. I can’t wait to see this family grow up and look forward to documenting future milestones in their lives.

Location: 5501 Trafalgar Rd, Hornby, ON L0P 1E0, Canada.