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Top Wedding Photographer in Caledon

Weddings are already stressful, so if there’s a way of eliminating some of that stress then why not take advantage.

Traditional photoshoots typically occur after the ceremony and before the reception.  Guests are expected to wait around and entertain themselves which can sometimes be hours at a time. A trend that seems to be growing in popularity is the idea of a pre wedding photoshoot.  This can either be on a different day entirely or before the ceremony.

This is exactly what my wedding couple did to celebrate their special day and the results were incredible.  They were noticeably more relaxed and carefree as they weren’t concerned about guests waiting. The bonus of not being restricted to such a tight schedule meant we could experiment more with backdrops and styles.

Caledon offers such stunning scenery which pops even more so in the Fall.  The vibrant colours and the abundance of trees make a wonderful backdrop.

The groom is holding his bride’s hand as they sit on a grassy verge smiling adoringly at each other.  The bride’s wedding dress is spread around her to show its detail.  The flower bouquet complements both her dress and his buttonhole arrangement.  I positioned them in this grass to add extra texture to the composition as the slightly longer length added a whimsical feel. All in all, this image shows how relaxed wedding photography can be if given the right opportunity. Lastly I am proud to have been rated as a top wedding photographer in Caledon, thanks to photos like these. 

Location: 15731 Regional Road 50, Caledon, ON, L7E 3H9.