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The Powerhouse Wedding Photography

The advantage of Powerhouse wedding photography is that it is a venue that offers several looks and backdrops. It is a far cry from a banquet hall and is an unpretentious historic former power provider from the 1890’s. We had initially planned on taking the Powerhouse wedding photography outside, but being inundated with rain, we had to resort to our plan b. I always reiterate the importance of having a plan b in the case of rain. It is never something a wedding couple wants to imagine, but if you have an alternative then we aren’t wasting valuable time scampering around. My main focus on this particular image was the beauty of the dress. The bride had a simple yet stunning train and veil that I knew would look incredible in photographic form. I wanted to put them against a darker colour to allow the white to stand off the page and show the intricacies. We decided to make use of the balcony overlooking the club at the Powerhouse as it featured huge regal looking curtains. The burgundy in the curtains complete with tassels offered a luxurious and classy backdrop. I placed the bride and groom in the centre of the frame and directly underneath the main peak in the curtain to keep it balanced. They faced away from the camera with heads turned to each other to allow us to solely focus on the beauty of her wedding dress. It was reminiscent of a cascading waterfall as the two levels of train and veil flowed delicately from the top of her hair clip and out onto the floor. The wedding couple were very happy with the results and so was I, proving if you’re prepared for the worst, you can make it your best.

Location: 21 Jones St, Stoney Creek, ON L8G 3H9, Canada.