Port Dover Wedding Reception
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Port Dover Wedding Reception

This image captured the first dance at a Port Dover wedding reception.

This first dance had been tricky to capture because of the lighting.  The venue had lit the floor with fairy lights but it wasn’t a guarantee that I’d get my magical picture. 

I had to wait for almost the entire first dance to capture this special moment. Even though they had been smiling and looking into each other eyes throughout the first dance, it was only once the light illuminated their faces in just the right position that I could get what I was looking for.

The image captured such a heartfelt emotional moment.  Their eyes are locked on each other and totally oblivious to anyone else in the room.  Gone are the inhibitions of dancing in front of an audience.  The moment is just about them and their special day.

I love the fact I was able to include the guests overseeing the dance from their tables in the background without overpowering the photo. The wedding couple are the main focus point with our eyes being automatically drawn to three factors.  Firstly we have the contours of their bodies as he held her back and their interlocked hands whilst dancing.  They have a firm, strong presence on the dance floor and look confident in their position.  Secondly, we are drawn to their faces and their expressions of pure joy and love. Lastly, we notice the beautiful detail of their attire. The ruffles in Martha’s dress worked harmoniously with the softness of her veil and his smart looking waistcoat.

People are often caught up with how to dress for the first dance.  We see here by ditching the jacket, his outfit still remains classy without being overly formal. 

Location: St George St, Port Dover, ON N0A 1N0, Canada.